Ladies’ ball symbol Anne Donovan, who won two Olympic gold decorations and was revered in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1995, kicked the bucket Wednesday of heart disappointment. She was 56.

“While it is to a great degree hard to express that it is so destroying to lose Anne, our family remains so exceptionally thankful to have been honored with such a magnificent individual,” Donovan’s family said in an announcement. “Anne contacted numerous lives as a girl, sister, close relative, companion and mentor.”

Donovan was a local of New Jersey and a previous school b-ball player at Old Dominion. There, from 1979-83, she found the middle value of 20 focuses and 14.5 bounce back. She likewise drove the Lady Monarchs to three Final Fours.

At both the 1984 and 1988 Olympics, Donovan was enter in two United States of America gold awards. Following a five-year proficient spell, Donovan resigned in 1989. She at that point turned into a mentor and explored the Seattle Storm to a WNBA Championship in 2004.

“Anne was a man with solid confidence, fearless soul, a giving heart and love for everybody,” her family included. “We are so pleased with her achievements as a ladies’ b-ball player and mentor, yet much more glad for her character, honesty, lowliness and benevolence.”

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