12 ways to entertain the kids on a rainy day


If you are a parent, nothing is more frustrating than being stuck inside on a rainy day. You have to find something for the kids to do, or they will drive you crazy! However, some simple tricks can help keep the kids occupied and happy! Here are some of my favourite ideas:

1) Jenga:

This is one of the best games for older kids (and adults!) because it requires strategy and skill. Plus, once someone beats another player, everyone is happy! Jenga also helps develop patience. With every turn, the player must think about which block they should remove and go about it in a slow, steady fashion. If they don’t, the game will fall over.

2) Scrabble:

It doesn’t matter how old you are when this game comes out – everyone loves to sit down with this classic game. I love that it’s not just for words too, there are so many options when it comes to games you can play. It’s a really good idea for young kids to learn how to spell, and I think scrabble is an excellent way for them to do it. It also helps with vocabulary and spelling. When they play, they have to think of the word and then make it on the board by using their letters. This can be challenging as many people repeatedly use the same notes, but playing Scrabble with different people allows me to learn new words.

3) Chess:

This is another classic game that requires both strategy and skill. Perfect for the child or children in your life who wants something a little more challenging than Scrabble! This will also teach the little ones a valuble lesson on how to be a good winner and a gracious loser.

4) Crafts:

This is a great way to keep the kids occupied. There are so many crafts that can be done with just paper, some pens and pencils and a little imagination. If you really want to go for the extra mile, gather other materials, like feathers or beads or whatever you can find.

5) Monopoly Junior:

Perfect for kids who are ready to move on from Candy Land, this board game brings out the best strategizing in my children. So if you didn’t want to break the bank with your kids, this is the game for you! And if your kids are a little bit older and want more of a challenge, the regular monopoly will be an easy step up!

6) Uno:

A classic card game that everyone loves to play, both young and old alike. I love playing this game with my youngest son because it’s easy enough to understand but still gives him a chance to think and strategize.

7) Twister:

This classic game is fun for all ages! We always play it just like we did when I was little, with the spinner and everything. So many laughs ensue that there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that you’ll have a great time playing this game.

8) Snakes and Ladders:

Another timeless board game that is fun for all ages; snakes and Ladders is a great way to pass some family time while everyone gets to have some competition.

9) Drawing:

This might sound silly, but my children love to sit down and draw pictures. You can have them draw anything, from their favourite animal to the house they will buy when they get rich. Any opportunity for kids to get creative is always a great idea in my book!

10) Hungry, Hungry Hippos:

 If you’re looking to bring out some competitive nature in your child, Hungry, Hungry Hippos is the game for you. It’s fast-paced and keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

11) Play with figurines:

Get the younger kids in your life some figures to play with. They can even get creative and give them voices! This is always a great way to help them build their confidence. A great example is the PJ Masks figurine set, and the kids can make up all-new adventures iht their favourite characters from the show!

12) Cooking:

If your children are old enough to be trusted around the kitchen, cooking is always an excellent way for them to spend some time. I love baking cakes with my daughter because it gives her something to take pride in, and she loves to eat them too. It’s also a great skill for them to learn for the future too!

In short, if you want to entertain your children on a rainy day and keep them happy, there are many many ways for you to do so. The 12 ideas we’ve provided should give you some inspiration when planning out how the kids can spend their time while staying entertained indoors!

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