CBD has become popular as a way to treat pain, anxiety and a number of health conditions. You don’t get high from CBD, but it does have some good health effects. Here is a list of some popular CBD products to give you an idea of the variety that is on the market now.

1. Tincture

Tinctures, or liquid, are a good way to try CBD. They come in flavored or natural varieties. You put the drops under the tongue, and the CBD enters your system very quickly. You can address many health issues with tinctures. For example, a CBD tincture for sleep can be taken at bedtime to help you fall asleep more quickly.

2. CBD Patch

A patch is a great way to deliver CBD to your body if you need something long-lasting. The CBD is gradually absorbed through the skin.

3. Inhaler

CBD inhalers are not that common yet, but they do have some advantages. One advantage is that you can get a very precise dose with an inhaler. Another benefit is that inhalers are easy and safe to use.

4. Nasal Spray

Nasal spray is another product that is easy to use. By spraying the CBD into the nose, it reaches your system quickly, which is great if you have a condition like anxiety that needs fast treatment.

5. Capsules and Softgels

Capsules and softgels are a good way to take CBD. If you are on the go a lot, capsules and softgels are very portable and can be taken easily with a beverage. Softgels usually don’t have any filler, so if you are worried about additives, you will appreciate that fact. if you want softgels then contact softgel manufacturer.

6. Isolates

CBD isolates, also called shatter, are a form of very pure CBD that has been fully refined. Isolates come in powder or resin form and are very versatile. They can be mixed with food or beverages, vaped or used to fill capsules.

7. Chocolates

CBD mixed with chocolate is a fun way to take this supplement. Chocolate on its own can reduce stress and make you feel good, so in combination with CBD, the effects of both the chocolate and the CBD are enhanced.

8. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is comfort food to many people, so the addition of CBD makes it even more comforting if you have anxiety. You can buy it this way, or add CBD to plain mac and cheese.

9. Gummies, Candies and Lollipops

CBD edibles from some of the top hemp edible brands are sweet and enjoyable, as well as very portable and discreet. Because you keep them in your mouth for a while, the CBD is absorbed into your body quickly.

10. Honey

You can buy honey mixed with CBD and use it in your tea, oatmeal or yogurt. It is an easy and comforting way to get your daily dose of CBD.

11. Massage Oil

A massage can reduce stress and relieve pain. A massage with CBD-infused oil will work even better because CBD is known to help with stress and pain. This is great for muscle pain and similar ailments.

12. Bath Bombs

Introducing CBD to your bath with bath bombs is a great way to relax after a workout. Besides easing sore muscles, the bath bombs will help you to relax and sleep better. 

13. Vapes

CBD vapes can deliver CBD into your lungs quickly. They work well for headaches or anxiety. You don’t have to worry about vaping. It is not like vaping tobacco which contains carcinogens. CBD does not contain any known carcinogens, so it is safe to inhale.

14. Lotion

CBD lotion is great for rubbing into sore muscles. It works well on joint pain too. CBD hand lotion is good for arthritic fingers or sore wrists from typing.

15. Beverages

There are many beverages on the market that are infused with CBD. This includes seltzer, tea, coffee, energy drinks and water. These beverages can help you to relax, and they are portable, so you can take them anywhere. 

16. Pet Products

Companies are starting to develop CBD products for pets. The most common one is a tincture for pets. You can give this directly into their mouth or mix it with food. There are also CBD pet treats. CBD lotions for pets can ease stiffness and sore joints.

This list is just a sampling of the CBD products on the market. There are more, and new ones are constantly being added.