Perfume is composed of different chemical compounds, a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compound, fixative and solvents, used to give the human body and other living spaces a pleasant scent. That is why it is very important for perfumes to be stored in suitable places.

Perfume are liquid fragrances that should be stored in an appropriate place; and where they are stored should be well taken care of, and considered important. They are neither tagged with expiry date, nor are they to be used for a very long time. Failure to store perfume properly can reduce the alluring scent and make them less potent, which makes the volume of fragrance used to attain a particular height of fragrance to be increased.

Perfumes tend to change colour, just like a food stuff not stored properly changes taste and colour and loose attraction; our perfumes are much more like that, the more reason why perfume should be stored properly. Perfume storage is as important has the choice of perfume itself. As we want to smell nice, we also want our perfumes to stay well for a longer period of time.

You can avoid buying perfumes in large quantitiesif you don’t have proper management and efficiency.We might have a whole lot of perfumes, even a cart full of perfumes, but storing them is the key to a long lasting perfume.Check out Creed Aventus Cologne for men and women.

Generally, perfume storage might be a bit difficult. We don’t know whether they should be stored in our refrigerator, or wardrobes or directly exposed to the sunlight. Then, there is this question – Where should perfume be stored?Anyway, here are full tips on how to store your perfume. Not only will the ‘where’ be considered, but also the ‘what’ and ‘how’.

WHERE – Choosing the Right Storage Space

Avoid direct sunlight for your perfumes. Sunlight can actually damage a perfume bottle. Sunlight can make a perfume lose its scent. So, it is advisable to store perfumein a dark dry spot, like a drawer or closet.

In choosing the right storage space, consider places with consistent temperature. Extreme temperatures can affect the quality of your perfume. It is not good to store perfumes in places that do exhibit dramatic temperature changes, like the kitchen and bathroom. These places are strictly off limits for the storage of your perfume.

Avoid areas that are subject to extreme humidity in order to keep your perfume safe. You might have a dehumidifier set up in your home, this can be a great place to keep your perfume.

Though, there has been much debate about this fact, but, you can store your perfume in the fridge; it is just depending on their type. The temperature of a fridge can actually destroy the perfume’s delicate chemical balance, but with proper precautions, your perfumes can be kept safe. So, do not store your perfumes in a very cold fridge; one that freezes things rapidly.

Consider closets that are not in the bathroom or kitchen, and also not near the window or front door. These areas are prone to temperature changes, which can affect the quality of the perfume. Closets that are away from light and possess consistent temperature, are usually the ideal place to store a perfume.

WHAT – Selecting a Storage Container

Endeavour to keep the perfume in its original bottle. Do not transfer contents of a spray into another container, except in dire circumstances, as it exposes it to air, making it lose some of its scent.

It is good to store perfume in boxes. Boxes help protect them from heat and sunlight. So, before placing in a closet or shelf, put in boxes, making sure all the caps are firmly sealed.

If you want to travel with your perfume, travel containers are good options. Travelling comes with the risk of losing your perfume. Travel sized bottles help keep the larger portion of your perfume safe. This is an example of a dire circumstance.

HOW – Preventing Damage

Almost immediately a spray is used, tightly fit the cap into it. The more perfume is exposed to air, the more it loses its scent and fragrance. Be conscious of fitting the cap firmly on the bottle.

Avoid shaking perfume bottles. When there are no specific instructions to shake perfume before use, it is not advisable to do so before applying the perfume.

Limit the use of perfume applicators. Applicators are like wands people often dip in perfumes to swap on their bodies. Though, they provide precision, yet they can damage the perfume by introducing bacteria and oils to the bottles, as a result of previous use.

Opt in for perfume as a spray. It is very much advisable to use than the perfume applicator. With the spray, there is less risk of bacteria and unnecessary oil to the perfume.

Fragile perfume bottles shouldn’t be put on high shelves. There is the high possibility of a fragile bottle shattering when it falls off. Always keep very fragile and delicate bottles or boxes of perfume on a lower shelf, where there is no or less risk of falling.

Now that you’ve had better understanding on how to keep your perfume in the right storage space, right container, and also to prevent it from damage, there is no fear of buying an exquisite perfume which will serve as an unforgettable signature scent for you.