Bounce houses have become all the rage for all types of parties and events. Just seeing one in someone’s yard evokes feelings of fun, sun, and friendship, and not just for kids. Bounce houses are durable enough to hold kids of all ages, including teens, parents, and everyone in between. But that’s not all. The following are three reasons to rent a bounce house you may never have even thought of.

Team building

Team building gets a bad rap for its usually boring nature, but it’s an important part of creating a cohesive work environment. It’s not just for the corporate world — elementary classes, sports teams, and church groups all use it to foster better relationships. In a world where bullying is way too common, team building is a good tool for bonding and positive reinforcement. 

If you’ve ever participated in a team building event, you know they can be pretty dull and uncomfortable. You might be asked to do things like go around the room and find out three things about each participant, or play short icebreaker games that bore everyone to tears. Instead, why not rent bounce houses and let the fun evolve on its own? Throw some hot dogs on the grill, tell everyone to bring their families, and let the party begin. This type of party will add a light-hearted element to your environment you might not have had before.

For exercise

Years ago, most kids played outside every chance they could get. They climbed trees, built forts, and rode their bikes. Today, this type of play is almost a thing of the past. Physical activity has been replaced with technology and too much television. In fact, almost 20 percent of kids ages 6 to 11 are considered obese by medical standards, and many of them don’t know how to socialize. That’s why limiting their time on technology and planning anything that includes physical activity is highly beneficial for your kids. Go out to the park once a week. Turn off the TV and take away their tablets a few hours a day. Plan bounce house parties to include as much physical activity as possible. Not only will your kids be healthier as a result, but the other parents will thank you for providing physical activities for their children, as well. 

To take the stress out of party planning

Party planning can be stressful. Little kids need constant stimulation to keep from getting bored, and older kids feel they will lose their popularity status if their parties are lame. It’s also not any different for adults. You can get by without a lot of entertainment as long as there are people to interact with. But if everyone’s not acquainted, this could also spell disaster. Long Island bounce house rentals could be the perfect solution to any party scenario. For children, it provides a constant source of entertainment without you having to plan party games. For teens, it provides a way for them to hang out, get some sun, and make some new friends. As for adults, it can take the pressure off of awkward events where not everyone knows each other that well.  For the party host, bounce houses are the perfect way to take almost all the planning out of the party. You don’t need to buy decorations, as everyone will be outside. You don’t have to plan games since the activity is already built-in. A simple menu is all this party will call for. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and cupcakes make the perfect outdoor party fare, so throw your bounce-house party and enjoy the fun celebration