A business card is more than a medium for sharing information. When we talk in the terms of marketing, a business card is nothing but the most basic means of marketing. It is one of the perfect means of making an excellent first impression.

All companies and businesses irrespective of their size first make a business card. This very thing shows how important a business card is. Well, in today’s world, we can see the rise of digital platforms. Every other business decides to go digital as it has come as a blessing for the business sector.

Just as the businesses are taking up their place online, even business cards are going digital. A digital business card or an electronic business card has been out there for a while now and there are many businesses and companies that have adopted electronic business cards as they have a lot of advantages over the typical paper cards.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few things that you should keep in mind before you design your business card. We will be mainly talking about an electronic business card as it is something everyone is adapting. So, let’s begin!

Avoid A Clutter & Stick To Necessary Details

The motive of the business card is that it should be simple and readable. There shouldn’t be unnecessary information overlapping each other. As we know “Simplicity is the peak of civilization”, a simple design of your card makes it more elegant.

Avoid unnecessary information on the card and just provide the basic details for which the client is looking for. Putting a lot of information on a card may confuse the reader. Digital business cards provide you with the option of adding more information so don’t let that overwhelm you. Stick to the necessary information and you will be good to go.

All you required is just is your name, contact details, website address, and if necessary your business address. There are other things that an electronic business card offers like images and videos, you can add them as required so that your clients and customers know you better.

Pay Attention To The Colors And Fonts

The main purpose of a business card is to attract clients and it can be done with a great choice of attractive colors and fonts. Choosing any random font or color will make your card shabby. So, pay attention to the colors and fonts when you pick them.

You will surely include your company logo on the card, so, make sure that your business card matches the theme of your business or your logo. Choose the colors from the color palette wisely, pick matching fonts, and make your card look subtle and attractive.

Get Creative

When you are designing a business card and it is a paper one, there can be limitations. However, when we talk about electronic business cards, you have a variety of options to move forward with. You have a lot of room to be creative and so don’t hold back your creativity.

A business card is shared with potential clients and customers, and so we want it to be impressive. If your card is creative then it will leave a place in people’s minds. People may forget a basic simple design but they hardly forget creative things.

If you give your customers and clients something to remember you by, there is nothing better that you can do. So, go ahead and open your creative side or you can even look for some creative ideas online as there are many available.

Make It Useful

Well, this subtopic may not make sense to you but the reason we have stated this is that an electronic business card has many options that you may not utilize. For instance, you can add a QR code to your electronic business card.

You can also add links to your social media handles so that your customers and clients can have a better idea about your business and the services that you offer. When we say make it useful, that indicates that make it useful for your customers and clients.


These were a few things that one should remember while designing a business card. All you have to do is pay attention to the basic details of your business card and try to get a little creative while keeping it subtle. By doing so, your business will have an excellent impression.