The overall look and feel of your bedroom can depend on a wide variety of things – comfy sleep accessories, the right mattress size, even the perfect bedroom paint colors can have an impact on the quality of your rest. Your bedroom should act as a personal haven, and if you’re not happy with your bedroom paint colors, preparing for a reset can make a significant difference to your overall comfort and sleep. Here’s everything you need to know about the best bedroom paint colors, and other things to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom –

What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

If you’re thinking of repainting your space, you should know some colors work better than others to achieve a look that feels put together, polished, and still contributes positively to a good night’s sleep. When you’re working through a lot of different options, here are a couple to keep at the front of your mind:

  1. Blue

In studies observing people’s sleep duration and bedroom paint colors, researchers have consistently found blue ranks high in terms of quality of rest. Softer tones of blue can help bring light and openness to your space, while darker, navy tones are great for sophisticated palates that want to make a statement.

  • Cool Greys

A neutral tone that’s underrated as a bedroom color, cool greys are ideal when it comes to being universally flattering to other accents. When you’re thinking about how you need to decorate a space for your room, you’ll want to think specifically about how your bedroom colors compliment and contrast each other. Cool grey provides a great background upon which you can build other tones on top of.

  • Yellow

One of the brightest shades you can paint your bedroom without having to compromise on the quality of your sleep, using yellow for your space is going to help you when it comes to finding something that really accentuates the light in your room. That’s why yellow can be especially useful if your bedroom has no source of natural light, and you need something that’s going to mimic that without needing you to compromise on the quality of your sleep.

  • Green

If you’re in search of a warm tone that’s still going to keep your bedroom looking refined and elegant, you really can’t go wrong with a sage or even forest green. These tones are especially useful when you’re looking to boost a calm and grounding feeling in your bedroom, since these are tones associated with nature, and can be naturally relaxing for that reason.

  • Pink

Pink is another underrated bedroom color, since it is often associated to be a more feminine or juvenile shade to paint a room with. Blush or more peach-toned pinks can actually be a really versatile shade to employ in your space, and should be used if you need something neutral to offset any signature prints of pieces with.

Other Useful Bedroom Decorating Tips

Once you’ve worked out what the best way to paint your bedroom might be, it’s time to consider other elements of your bedroom. Similar to color, another feature of your bedroom that can seriously impact how open your space feels is mattress size. The right mattress size can play a significant role in improving how spacious and open your bedroom looks.

The most comfortable beds will remain cozy, regardless of mattress size, so it’s important not to conflate larger mattress sizes with comfier sleeps. Once you’ve chosen the bedroom paint colors you want to dominate your room, you can also fill in accessories and choose bedding that compliments this color scheme. You’re going to be left with a bedroom that looks cozy and more inviting in no time.