When you get into a wreck, the last thing on your mind might be how to protect yourself from any legal damage. Once you confirm the health of you and the other person involved is okay you need to begin looking at a reputable lawyer in your area that can help you determine who was at fault in the crash and how to proceed moving forwards.

Finding the right lawyer isn’t easy. However, we have some things to look out for when choosing a lawyer and what you can ask them before hiring them for your specific needs.

Looking for a car accident attorney near me? Ask these 5 questions before hiring!

How much experience do you have?

Arguably the most important characteristic of every good lawyer is experience. Although every lawyer begins as a new attorney at some point in their life, it is what they have done since the beginning of their career that is important. Experience is the best teacher, helping attorneys get accustomed to various cases and circumstances.

Experience allows for a car attorney to learn how to negotiate, value a case for settlement, persuade judges to rule in your favor, cross-examine witnesses, and make effective arguments.

What is your expertise?

When looking for a car accident attorney near me, you may be looking for a generalized lawyer in your area – this is a mistake. Find a lawyer who is an expert in car accident cases, ensuring they have experience with similar accidents in the past. Lawyers will have specialized practices and tend to have more resources and more knowledge than lawyers with limited practice and opportunity.

How is your reputation?

Lawyers are constantly judged and evaluated by their clients, judges, and their co-workers. Finding a car accident attorney who has a good reputation in all three categories is the best choice for you. Ask past clients what they thought of the lawyer’s work and if they did their best job.

Will you tell the truth in all situations?

Integrity is something every car accident attorney should have. Good lawyers need to be able to negotiate, argue for your case, and advocate for your needs, while still remaining honest and avoiding deceitful tactics.

Since reputation is most important when it comes to the lawyer industry, remaining honest during the cross-examination process and stressful situations are crucial to finding the best car accident attorney.

Do you have compassion for victims?

Some attorneys may see their job as just that – a job. Without getting slightly emotionally invested, lawyers will not be as good at seeing people as people, but will just view them as money signs.


Asking your car accident attorney the basic questions can help you make a smart decision when hiring a professional for your needs. When browsing ‘car accident attorney near me’ in your local area, you need to make sure whoever you choose is honest, reputable, compassionate, experienced, and educated.