Our mornings wouldn’t be the same without that magnificent energy boosting brew we call Coffee. Coffee is such an integral part of our collective culture, ingrained in our hearts and minds as part of the fabric of our lives. The bottom line is that people absolutely love their coffee. A full 64% of Americans consume at least two cups of coffee every day. There’s a Starbucks on every corner. And let’s be honest: you’ve probably had your own fair share of iced caramel lattes or cups of your favorite Joe at least a few times today already. Since it’s something that’s accessible to everybody and people tend to love it, coffee can make a great platform for marketing. The best way to leverage it is to offer custom coffee mugs at your organization. Mugs are durable and useful, making them a good option for boosting your sales. In this article, we’ll share with you five ideas for doing exactly that at your organization.

Choose A Durable Material

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that coffee mugs are made from a wide array of different materials. You’re likely most familiar with the most common material: ceramic. Ceramic is a very durable, highly sought after material for coffee mugs because it doesn’t get damaged with heat, lasts for a long time, and can take a lot of punishment. But other types of materials work well for coffee pots as well. Please include stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean as well as stoneware. Stoneware is made from the mix of different types of stone, including clay, and can handle imprinting quite well. It’s a little bit more fragile and ceramic, however, but can make for an elegant looking mug. Whatever material you choose to offer your mugs in is up to you—you might even choose to offer different ones—but should be an important part of the overall process for setting up the custom promotional mugs at your small business

Offer A Variety of Mug Styles

Coffee mugs are known for their wide variety of styles. Seriously, you could go to any coffee shop or store and probably find a dozen different varieties along. There’s wide mouth coffee mugs, skinnier, traditional coffee mugs, spooner mugs, and more.The mug that works best for your clientele will depend on how they like to drink your coffee. People who drink more than one cup in the morning might desire a mug with a wider opening so that it can hold more liquid without spilling. Smaller mugs are ideal for people who like to drink less coffee throughout the day. Whatever the case may be, offering a variety of styles gives your customers plenty of options that will make them happy over time.

Personalize Them

Adding personalization to coffee mugs is a great way to promote your business. You can add the name of your company, or a slogan that promotes your product. You can also add graphics or photos that will catch people’s attention. Personalizing coffee mugs is a great way to show off your brand and get people interested in what you have to offer. Even better, you can give it a nice little touch by incorporating scenic images, specialty graphics, or even holiday themes. The sky is really the limit when it comes to personalizing coffee mugs. People like to have

Put Your Logo On Them

Going hand in hand with personalizing your mugs to offer a wider variety comes putting your logo on mugs. Promoting your brand with a custom logo item or custom logo merchandise for that matter, can be a boon to increasing brand awareness at your organization. More people will be likely to engage with your brand when they can see your logo and know who you are. After all, the last thing any business wants is to languish in obscurity as their competitors take all the business. It doesn’t have to be expensive to acquire this level of advertising either. It’s simple enough to find an imprinter that can sell different types of mugs in bulk while also allowing you to customize the mugs with your logo. Make sure you place your logo in a prominent and recognizable location, along with your company contact information. That way, anyone who sees it can find you easily. Use your promotional custom coffee mugs to take your marketing strategy to the next level and impress your customers along the way!

Give Them Away

It’s not impossible to make some decent money selling coffee mugs, especially given their ubiquity and popularity. But that doesn’t mean you have to exclusively sell them in order to find ways to promote your business. Consider giving them away. You can give them away as promotions, through buy one get one free initiatives, through social media contests, via loyalty programs, as gifts to employees / customers, And even at trade shows. By building a platform on which it’s easy to create rapport between your company and your potential customers, you can leverage promotional merchandise like your ceramic coffee bugs to your advantage and ultimately drive future success at your business.