We all want to give our children something to remember us by. You could simply buy a Rolex online and wrap a red bow around it, but wouldn’t it be better to add a personal twist to it to make it sentimental? Maybe have their initials engraved on a watch or give them the first gold necklace you bought with your own money. Give your kids something meaningful that they could keep and cherish for a long time. Here are five valuables you would want to pass on to your kids in the future.

1.  Timepieces

Watches are a common gift bestowed upon members of a family during special occasions. Sometimes, they are even personalized, making for an extra emotional moment when gifted. Watches are often given during rites of passage or when a young member of the family transitions into adulthood. When you want to pass on a timepiece to your children, think first if you already own a special watch. This could be a sentimental purchase you made with your first salary, or it could be a luxury watch you rewarded yourself after achieving a milestone. As long as it means something to you and is still functioning, then it’s good to go. However, if you don’t possess such a watch then you can always purchase a new one for your kid. If you plan to do so, it would be a nice touch to add a short, inspiring inscription at the back. This personal flair adds value to the watch and ensures its place as a family heirloom.

2.  Jewelry

Tons of families probably have some kind of jewelry that dates back to several years being passed on from generation to generation. Usually, this piece of jewelry would be an engagement ring or wedding ring. Since jewelry is timeless and incredibly valuable, then it is perfect to hand over to your kids. Many men have proposed to the love of their lives with their grandmother’s ring, and many women have worn their late mother’s earrings on their special day. If your family doesn’t have a special piece of jewelry already being passed down, then you can start the tradition yourself. Think about letting your kids or even future grandkids inherit your engagement ring or your favorite pair of pearl earrings. As long is it means something to you, then it will mean something to them.

3.  Recipes

If you like to cook or bake, then recipes are a great thing to turn into a family heirloom. The great thing about food is that it often has fond memories attached to it, especially if it’s food from your childhood. If you loved to help out your grandma in the kitchen while she whipped up her signature chocolate chip cookies, then chances are these memories are what you go back to when she’s gone. And being able to taste those cookies again will make you feel like she never really left you. She lives on through her recipes. And you can too. If you have a signature dish, then write up a recipe for it and give it to your kids so they too can make it for their kids. Wouldn’t it be great to be connected to future generations of your family through your recipes? After all, nothing brings a family together like sharing a meal.

4.  Furniture

Sturdy, well-crafted furniture can last decades, even centuries. Some families have kept chests and desks within their bloodline for generations. Beautiful antiques are a great gift to give to newlyweds or to a family member who’s moving into their first apartment. And if you’re particularly handy, you could even craft your own furniture to give to your kids. That way, your craftsmanship can be appreciated by your descendants even when you’re long gone.

5.  Collections

If you have a particular hobby for collecting certain knickknacks, then this could be something you can pass on to your children. If your collection has reasonable value, then at least you can rest easy knowing that your kids can have some sort of financial safety blanket. But of course, that’s the last resort. It would be much more appreciated if that collection gets passed on from family member to family member. And it would also be nice to know that that one thing you’ve invested in for years won’t end with you and will keep going on.