If you’re going to ask each person around you whether they drink soda, most of them will give you an affirmative answer. Sodas are among the most popular beverages worldwide, and people of any age consume them almost every day. 

What makes sodas famous is they’re often sweet and they come with a unique flavor you may not be able to taste from other fluids like water or juices. But even with their tastiness, sodas can adversely affect your health.  

Negative Effects Of Soda  

Regardless if you only have a sip of soda, it can still do wrong things to your body. Soda contains no nutritional value, and even a can of it can already consist of more than nine teaspoons of sugar; that’s more than what your body needs in a day. 

According to research, drinking soda is linked to severe health conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, cancer, and other illnesses. If your goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals, this may be the time for you to try alternatives.  

Everyone knows the best beverage for hydrating your body is water. However, it can be tough to only settle for it, especially if you’ve been used to drinking soda. Fortunately, there are other beverages tastier and healthier.   

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Soda Alternatives

Check out these healthy and delicious alternatives to soda and get started with drinking something good:

1. Seltzer Water 

Seltzer water has already been popular for several years, especially for those trying to ditch their soda drinking habit for good. For better understanding, seltzer is a carbonated water quite similar to sparkling water. While it’s a healthier option, not all carbonated water is good and healthy for your body.

Some seltzer waters are packed with artificial sweeteners, sugars, and chemical additives. To ensure you’re getting the right seltzer with no harmful additives, don’t forget to check the ingredients on the label first before purchasing. You can also try to DIY and mix a 100% natural fruit juice from your seltzer water before consuming it. Try this out and remove the unhealthy soda habit for a better lifestyle.

2. Iced Tea 

You may have noticed how iced tea is among the trendy and most offered beverage alongside soda. It’s a great drink and it’s likely one of the best alternatives to soda, especially when you’re eating out in restaurants or cafes. This drink is known for its refined taste, which satisfies people who’ve been craving the sweetness sodas may have.  

Iced tea also includes caffeine which can give you an additional boost during a hot summer day. But if you want to reduce your sugar intake, you can always help yourself with an unsweetened one. You can enjoy your tea of any kind such as herbal, green, or black. If you’re up for it, you can also make your own, so you can have full control over the amount of sugar your drink will have. For a healthier option, you can use honey as your sweetener rather than the sugar sold on markets.  

Iced tea is a perfect beverage for any season, time, or day. Thus, it’s considered one of the most versatile drinks with minimum to no calories. 

3. Iced Coffee 

For people who aren’t avid fans of iced tea, you can go for iced coffee. It’s also delicious and it’s a healthier alternative whenever you’re craving a can of soda. Iced coffee can be refreshing to consume, especially when you’re feeling tired and sleepy.

Coffee is also known to be ideal for your healthy diet as long as consumed in moderation. The healthiest option among all types of coffee servings is unsweetened black coffee. If you want to add a little sweetness, you can mix it with low-fat or non-fat milk.

Coffee can provide a greater caffeine boost compared to soda. It can also sharpen your ability to concentrate, improve mental alertness, and enhance physical performance. Moreover, coffee is known to reduce your risk of heart diseases, several types of cancer, and other health-related death. 

However, make sure you don’t overdo your coffee intake. Dietitians recommend consuming no more than three servings a day.  

4. Kombucha 

Another rising health trend right now is kombucha. It’s a tea drink consisting of yeast, bacteria, and sugar. Its fermentation is done by mixing yeast and bacteria into a sugar and tea mixture. While this beverage may still contain sugar, the probiotics make it a healthier alternative to soda. It also promotes gut health and prevents health issues like constipation. Most stores and health food shops have now made kombucha available in the market on tap or in bottles. 

5. Coconut Water 

Another beverage gaining popularity on the health scene is coconut water. Don’t confuse this drink with coconut milk you find in stores. Coconut milk is already processed, whereas you can only get natural coconut water from the fruit itself. 

Coconut water is widely prevalent, especially in tropical countries where it’s served as one of their tropical and summer drinks. This is rich in potassium and electrolytes, so they’re a popular beverage during hotter days. Some places also serve coconut water while the liquid is still inside the coconut shell. 

6. Homemade Fruit Or Vegetable Juices 

If you want to ensure you’re taking the healthiest options of juices with no added preservatives, artificial sugar, and other chemical additives, you can always make your fruit and vegetable juices at home. Simply pull out your juicer, add your favorite vegetable as well as few slices of fruits to sweeten your beverage.

To add a little spice, you can add a few drops of hot chili sauce and some black pepper. You can make this a part of your daily routine and bring this drink along with you to school or work. 

Bottom Line 

The thought of completely getting rid of soda from your daily diet can be hard at first. But with the help of this list, you can fight off your cravings little by little until you notice how you’re living your life the soda-free way.