Eating and Exercise: Tips to Maximize Your Workouts

In order to keep your body a mean workout machine ready to take on any challenge in the gym or on the track, you need to provide it with quality fuel. This means you need to...

Five Juicer Myth You Need To Know

Many would say the answer to the question ‘Is a masticating juicer really better?’ is yes while others would say no. Different people will give different reasons for their answer, and all these answers were derived from...

5 Health And Wellness Benefits of Playing Paintball

If you have followed the exact same workout plan for a while without any substantial success, FoxNib we suggest that you give a go to paintball. Primarily, this is an active sport that requires...

7 Common Myths About Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are in trend nowadays. There are many reasons why people opted to switch to these nifty devices. Due to its reusability, cost-effectiveness, and its eco-friendliness, many consider these cups as a better alternative than its counterparts....

Can you Cheat a Drug Test?

You really didn’t expect that you would need to pass a drug test anytime soon. Unfortunately, time travel is still not possible, which means that you can’t go back in time to warn you-from-the-past that you might...
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