An admission to trading usually occurs only once in the life of a company and the job of a financial advisor is to work closely with the company to ensure the success of the operation and the achievement of the objectives set.

Definition of Investment Banking:

Investment banking is defined as that segment of the banking sector aimed at obtaining funds to make a medium and long-term investment as the main object.

Traditionally it has been detached from traditional commercial banking, since they have different social objects, while traditional commercial banking is focused on small savers and in need of financing, investment banking focuses on the large company.

Objectives of Investment Banking:

Also known as business banking, investment banking is the main object of the negotiation with large companies and strategic sectors in search of profitability for its customers and shareholders. Particularly, its means of action are: on the one hand, it is responsible for the issuance and commercialization of securities, as well as operations for capital increase , loans, shares and corporate debt, whose main task is to advise and direct the distribution process of the participation, being these tasks carried out for large companies.

On the other hand, investment bankers like Donato Sferra Toronto can also invest in companies that they consider attractive and strategic, either because of their current profitability (profits, dividends) or because of their future revaluation.

In addition, investment bankers like Mark Attanasio Toronto have created their own investment products, placing them through financial markets or directly marketed  through their own entities.

Donato Sferra provides advice and information to private companies and governments, in matters of finance, securities, structuring of securities portfolios, share package negotiation, acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs and other securities market operations for themselves or for issuers related to their activity. .

These specialized services of Mark Attanasio Hillcrest, which involve the mobilization of capital and debt resources, are aimed at supporting and developing the business sector and the achievement of new investment projects that generate employment and added value.

Some Operations Offered by Investment Banking:

  1. Procurement of capital:

Among which are the activities of Underwriting, (issuance and placement of shares and private fixed-income papers), project financing (financing of projects), financing (of) public projects (health and control to the pollution), secondary market for mortgages, creation of companies, risk capital, development of construction projects and financing of natural resources.

2. Capital management:

It is the management of portfolio of shares for pension funds, investment plans, trusts, public funds and investments of natural persons, real estate administration.

  • Professional counseling on:
    • Securities, stock management, fixed income papers and options to organize strategies for portfolio configuration and management and opinion polling.
    • Corporate development, such as mergers, acquisitions, corporate strategies, financial approach and market studies.
    • Investment counseling by Donato Sferra Hillcrest such as personal assets, tax advantages of financial planning.
  • Money and capital markets:
    • Negotiation of common shares, preferred shares and corporate bonds.
    • Bonus negotiation.

Operations Performed by an Investment Banking Firm:

  • Make investments in transferable securities.
  • Make investments of a transitory nature in easily settled placements.
  • Act as trustees and depositories of investment funds.
  • Obtain credits from abroad.
  • Perform operations in foreign currency.
  • Receive term deposits.
  • Issue bonds, obligations and certificates of participation.
  • Grant credits.
  • Grant guarantees and / or guarantees.
  • Give in lease, capital assets.