From anti-aging effects to a more robust immune system, the Alkaline Diet has been one of the talk-of-the-town diets that even celebrities are getting hooked. But the more obvious question that most people ask about any other diet is, does it lead to weight loss?


Maintaining the balance of the pH level of the metabolic by-products of the food you eat is the focus of the Alkaline Diet. Your goal is to eat more foods that form high alkaline and minimize the intake of products that are acid-forming after you consume them. 

As to the sources, the foods that can give you more acids in the body are meat, coffee, processed foods, and dairy, while fruits, vegetables, and organic herbs or Alkaline Naturals can help boost the alkaline ashes in your body.

The Alkaline Diet does not eliminate the acid-forming foods in your diet, rather, it creates a plan that balances it with alkaline-forming foods. 

Losing Weight Through the Alkaline Diet

Shaking off the extra pounds requires more than a diet plan. But with the right mindset and regular exercise, the Alkaline diet will be an effective regime to achieve your desired weight.

When you start the Alkaline diet, you will avoid sugary foods and refined carbs, which are high in calories. Eating such in moderation or skipping them will surely cut off the unwanted weight. 

If you currently consume the usual American diet, eating pizza, chips, soft drinks, and the likes regularly, then you will probably reap your goal of weight loss when you switch to the Alkaline Diet and try to stick to it. But if your sugar and refined carb intakes are low already, you may want to pay attention to other lifestyle habits (exercise, vices, sleeping, etc.) in addition to having the Alkaline Diet if you are serious in losing those extra fats.

Other than your veggies, some herbs that form alkaline residues in the body are said to help remove excess weight in the body. An example is the bladderwrack product from Alkaline Naturals, which has iodine that assists in stimulating metabolism. It is also known as a natural diuretic that flushes unwanted fluids. Lastly, it has fucoxanthin, a known fat-burning carotenoid. 

Flax oil and blackseed oil are also sources or alkaline. Blackseed oil from Alkaline Naturals, in particular, helps in reducing weight by stabilizing and lowering down your blood sugar level. The substances that aid in keeping your blood sugar in control are also believed to help control your appetite or cravings, which are mostly high carb fattening foods.

In Moderation rather than Obsessive

Following the Alkaline Diet is good since it tells you to eat more fruits, vegetables, and Alkaline Naturals produces, but obsessing over it to lose weight can be dangerous. Elimination of foods classified as acid-forming like meat and dairy can lead to nutrient gaps.

Improving your health and losing weight do not need extreme measures as it may lead to more harm than good. Sustaining a doable diet plan, like the Alkaline Diet, which gives your body the ideal balance between the alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods is enough to burn those fats as long as you partner it with routine exercises and a healthy lifestyle.