Let’s say you are in your can and like to move the window glass down to enjoy fresh air or to greet a friend on the sidewalk. No matter what the reason, you get scared when the window does not move. It is bothersome when it will not come down and infuriate when it will not rise during cold weather or rain. It is a frequent problem, but there’re a few affordable and easy solutions. If you need to order any accessory for replacement, www.onlinecarparts.co.uk is a one-stop online store.

Let’s examine what and why of problems with an electric glass that does not work.

Electric glass with problem: The right steps for repair

The first thing to do in any electrical window failure is to push the up / down button and listen. Like several machines, if you hear nothing, the problem is probably with the power or motor. It is cheaper and easier to change, therefore start by that diagnosis.

Rear electric window has stopped working

If the rear window does not work, check the driver door lock switch. The switch may have been accidentally triggered and, when activated, will stop the rear windows system from working.

All electric windows have stopped working

If all windows do not work at the same time, it is likely that a relay or fuse has to be replaced or checked. Check your vehicle’s service manual for the location of the fuse box and which fuse is right for the electrical windows.

In newer vehicles there is a computerized module attached with window motor that determines the gears revolutions so that it can recognize the location of the windows and when they have stop working. If the computer module has stopped working or is disconnected, it will not recognize whether the windows are down or up, so it has to be rebooted. Look in the service manual or videos on YouTube to learn how to do this reset if the problem is not in the fuses.

Electric glass locking or too slow

If the windows gradually show symptoms such as occasional slight ascent, poor movement or braking, the window’s motor can be wearing. Like any other motor in vehicle, for example a starter motor, the window’s motor can wear out in due course. Visually, the engine will not show any problems, but when your car is over 12 years old and shows symptoms, it is possibly time to change the window lift motor.