If you manage a property, then the reasonability of that property will essentially full on your shoulders, it these circumstances it is advised that you take some fire safety advice in order to ensure you know what precautions you may have to take. This is to ensure the safety of your tenants, this will include most types of buildings. These buildings include family homes, single dwelling flats, HMO;s ( House of multiple Occupancy ). This maybe a house, maisonette or flat also With fire alarm installation from ACS Fire & Security you can feel confident that your business is safe.

It is imperative when getting your research, you make sure it is from a verified source, this is to ensure that you get the correct fire alarm fitted for the property, This is because as set out above, if you manage the responsibility to ensure the correct fire alarm is installed. If you manage a HMO, you will generally require a fire risk assessment. This will usually outline what type of alarm you need, Plus any other fire alarm requirements like, escape routes, sprinklers and fire doors.

Why are fire alarms required on rented properties?

Fire alarms are a very important piece of equipment in regards to safety, they save lives and can help prevent fires, They will also give time to the tenant in case there is a fire. With the right system installed it is sure to help prevent the risk of fire and help in the event of a fire. This said the main reason to have a fire alarm installed is because it is now law and you should have one in all the properties that you may manage. The Regulatory reform ( Fire Safety ) order 2005 is there to make sure the required fire safety standards are met.

Who should design my alarm?

There are a few ways you can get a good recommendations for the type of fire alarm system that is installed in your property. As explained earlier one of the best ways to get a good recommendation is to get a fire risk assessment who can provide a in-depth assessment of the fire risk to the property. When searching for a company it becomes a bit more difficult as there is no legal minimum qualification to install a smoke alarm system. Therefore many small companies set themselves up as fire alarm designers when they have learnt on the job and may not know all the regulations.  This is why its always a good idea to ensure that your fire alarm engineer is registered to a governing body. NAPIT and NICEIC are quick places to check for good engineers.

By getting a fire alarm engineer accredited to a body you can ensure that they have the necessary skills to undertake not only the fire alarm installation but they can also provide the fire alarm report after the testing and commissioning of the system.

There are many other bodies that are associated with fire alarm installations and I highly recommend that you do your full research and get the right fit for you when having you Fire alarm system checked or installed.  Always ask for the accredited body numbers so that you can ensure they are registered as described and work to the levels that are required.