Getting along in today’s tumultuous world can be rough sometimes. Working every day requires a strong dedication to a company. In a perfect world, the company would return the favor and stride. Unfortunately this simply isn’t the case. Many companies don’t recognize their employees for their accomplishments, aren’t transparent about what’s required of their employees, and otherwise mistreat their employees in some way (through poor wages, bad leadership, lack of perks, etc.). One way to combat this is to introduce employee recognition programs into your workplace. Play recognition focuses on employees strengths and their accomplishments to create an environment where everyone works together in total harmony. Whether you’ve used it at your company before or are just starting to offer it now, here are five ways employee recognition can benefit your organization.

Promote Morale

Have you noticed a startling lack of morale at your company recently? If you have, you’re not alone. Morale is decreasing in industries across the globe, and it can come at a great cost. There are many reasons for this, including poor management, economic downturn, a desire to move into new roles, and sometimes a lack of recognition/respect. Luckily, employee recognition programs can come to the rescue. Because recognition can improve communication between managers and employees, it encourages positive relationships and collaboration. This can drastically improve morale in any setting. Recognition can come in the form of simple gestures like a “thank you” or shout-out. It can also be performed as part of an overall recognition program at the organization. Employee recognition programs can also include rewards, which are ideal for promoting morale at an organization. Rewards are beneficial to employees and can serve as reinforcement of company values as well as a token of appreciation for high performance in their designated roles.

Increase Productivity

Employee recognition can motivate employees to do their best work and improve team dynamics. When employees feel appreciated for their efforts, they are more likely to continue working hard and putting forth their best effort. When team members feel appreciated for their contributions, it builds teamwork and strengthens relationships within the team. This has a phenomenal and positive effect on the team, causing them to increase their productivity. Employees are able to do more work, more productively, and be more motivated when they are happy. So if you want to increase productivity, make sure your employees feel appreciated and have a reason to stay motivated for the long haul.

Stay Competitive

If you want to stay competitive in the marketplace, be considered a great place to work, and cultivate a happy workforce, then you need to implement an employee recognition program. Having an effective employee recognition program can give you an edge over other companies who don’t have one in place and cement your reputation as a great place to work. It’s also a way to promote core competencies and help develop teams. That’s a pretty good advantage. Companies who have effective employee recognition programs retain more good employees than those who don’t and employees who feel appreciated are likely to be more loyal and avoid leaving for another role quickly. Moreover, employee recognition programs are a great way to build a more engaged and productive workforce while providing an opportunity to celebrate your employees for all their hard work.

Reduce Turnover

Employees who receive recognition tend to love their jobs. Those who don’t tend to take a hike, so to speak. By creating an environment where people actually want to work and be present, you can increase your retention dramatically. Employees leave bad managers and bad jobs. It just happens sometimes. It can’t be prevented in some situations, especially if the employee found a better world elsewhere that works best for them. But when the workplace is toxic, doesn’t care about its staff, or otherwise doesn’t provide any sort of recognition, employees are more likely to leave than if there’s a recognition program in place. Furthermore employees might be more inclined to recommend others for that rule or post positive reviews on websites like Glassdoor future candidates might see prior to applying for a job at the company.

Access Analytics

If you want to see how often and how effective your recognition program is, some of the best employee recognition programs come with built-in analytical tools. These tools can help you gain real-time insights into what kind of work is being performed at your organization, who’s responsible for what, Monitor feedback, and much more. Bye looking at the insights provided by the software, you can get an idea of what you’re doing right and where you need to improve. It’s like a version of feedback being provided from a comprehensive platform straight to management. By utilizing and taking advantage of all the features associated with these types of employee recognition platforms, you can help your employees perform at extremely high levels while taking your business to the top.