Android users possess an extensive collection of games that they are able to have in their own device. The Google Play Store provides with numerous categories where the games have been categorized in to. It’s possible to uncover racing games, strategy games and puzzles, etc… How big is those games varies by as much as 2MB to as large as 2GB. Even the football games such as FIFA, Dream League and strategy games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, are highly popular with many people.

But these games are fun to play up to you undergo the levels without much difficulty. However, they become very frustrating in the event that you become stuck on a particular level for days and days. The developers of games sometimes purposely incorporate levels that are extremely difficult to finish. In instances like this, the sole remedy to get beyond that irritating level which you’re stuck would be to hack game.

On hacking on an Android game without root, you obtain privileges by that you can easily get beyond any level no matter how difficult it really is! A few people may believe that isn’t ethical, however you want to perform it sometimes to delight in the game. Thus, here we’re getting to review the method using that it is possible to hack some Android game easily.

Inside this tutorial, I shall soon be going to demonstrate just how you can hack android games without rooting your own phone. Freedom AK the name of this app that helps you legally to hack some android game.

Method 1 — No.1 The Way to Hack Android Games using Freedom App

Freedom App

Measure 1: Open the freedom app in your smartphone

Measure 2: You will find a pop that requests root permissions. Allow the root permissions by clicking the Allow button

Measure 3: You Will Have the Ability to see each of the Pre-Installed apps on your own android smartphone

Measure 4: find the app for that you simply want to bypass the in-app purchase process at no cost. Ex: Subway Surfers, Temple Run or PicsArt. Here’s the full list of freedom compatible games and apps

Measure 5: Just click the app name and then wait for time.

Measure 6: If you see your app has been launched, go the store inside that particular app where you need to bypass the in-app purchase.

Measure 7: Click the buy button to making the in-app purchase.

Method — No 2 Hack Android Games without rooting utilizing Game Killer

Game Killer

No 1. Download & Download Game Killer AK

No 2. Harness the Game Killer icon and then start up the app, give it a couple of seconds to load and also the principal menu should appear with a list of options, tap on the very first option that says “Hack Android Games Without Root” along with another screen should popup with a very long list of supported games.

No 3. As soon as you’ve uncovered the Android game that you would like to hack, tap its name and you will be taken to another screen using a list of hacks you’ll be able to activate.

No 4. This process depending on what game you are hacking, there can be options like unlimited stone, Hack unlimited jewels , god mode, unlocking all characters and levels, etc..

No 5. Select that hacks you may love to make use of and press on the back button on the bottom of the screen.

No 6. Game Killer may launch a hacked instance of the game together with your desired hacks, such as some games you’re able to log in the game normally but have those items that you simply hacked, but a few games require in order to get launched together with Game Killer so as to continue to keep the hacked items.


Therefore above could be your two distinct methods to hack android games without root. These methods are all working and tested.