CompTIA is one of the IT giants offering prestigious certifications that can open many doors for novices or professionals working in this industry. These credentials can also equip you with the most relevant knowledge, thus, broadening your career horizons and enabling you to try diverse job roles in the field. However, the way to becoming accredited is always thorny, because you’ll have to survive through at least one certification exam. Of course, this can be rather stressful and demanding but eventually, you are going to be proud of yourself once you have got the desired CompTIA badge.

So, in today’s article, we will look into the essence of one of the CompTIA exams, 220-1002 by code, its related badge and will also explain to you why exam dumps can help you a lot when preparing for this assessment. If you are curious enough to start this CompTIA adventure, then let’s get started! And we’ll begin with the CompTIA A+ credential.

Why Consider Becoming CompTIA A+ Certified

The CompTIA A+ certification is obviously now more important than ever considering how digital our world has become. As a result, nowadays there is a greater reliance on networking and connectivity than before. That’s why many companies are looking out for more skillful specialists who will help them keep their networks up, as well as run and secure them, which makes trained individuals with badges such as the A+ in huge demand in the IT industry, because they can assist companies with a variety of tasks from network maintenance and security to cloud and data management. Examples of job roles for individuals who have obtained this badge include a desktop support admin, system support specialist, and associate network engineer, among many others. These specialists can work in a variety of companies, including major ones such as Intel, HP, Dell, and Nissan and their average yearly salaries range from $49k to $57, according to the research done by the

However, one of the conditions for getting yourself CompTIA A+ certified is passing two related CompTIA tests with codes 220-1001 and 220-1002. As the focus of our post is exam 220-1002, let’s dive deeper into its details now.

What Is 220-1002 Exam Information that You Must Know?

If to start with this test prerequisites, according to CompTIA, there are no special requirements for IT professionals to take 220-1002 assessment. The vendor, however, recommends having 9-12 months of hands-on experience before you sit for this exam.

As for the skills measured by 220-1002, they are:

  • Software, hardware and network and their troubleshooting;
  • Operating system installation, configuration, and support;
  • Comprehensive security support;
  • Operational best practices, including safety and environmental protection.

The first important thing to do if you’ve made up your mind to sit for the CompTIA 220-1002 assessment is to pay an entry exam fee which equals $226. As well you must know that this exam comprises a maximum of 90 questions of various types like multiple-choice, drag and drop and performance-based and to complete it you will have 90 minutes. To hit 220-1002, you need a score of at least 700 on a scale of 100 to 900. There is a chance to retake the exam if you didn’t succeed at the first attempt.

Now that you are knowledgeable enough about the CompTIA 220-1002 test and the credential it’s leading to, let’s mull over the reliable resources one can use to perform well in it.

Preparing for CompTIA 220-1002 Test

If you asked people who have taken this exam in the past, some might say it’s hard while others think otherwise. The difference in the exam-taking experience lies in the quality of preparation.

We agree with those who say that 220-1002 is not easy for only one reason. If you lack access to high-quality, helpful resources, you are very likely to find this assessment too daunting to beat.

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So, while exam dumps might not give you exactly what to expect in the main test, they at least give you a good idea of what exam questions look like. Many people have benefited from using them for their CompTIA 220-1002 exam prep. And you can, too.

Staying Certified

Once you’ve passed the two obligatory assessments and attained the A+ credential, you may start worrying that it will expire soon. No need. Your CompTIA A+ certification will remain valid for three years from the date you are accredited. However, you can extend its validity for more three years at a time through the vendor’s Continuing Education (CE) program. This program is intended to keep certified professionals relevant in the changing industry.


To recap, passing the CompTIA 220-1002 exam is one of the requirements for obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification. As a certified professional, you’ll have access to a wide variety of job opportunities in the IT industry with much higher salaries than before. What is more, you’ll be a respected professional who strives for perfection and always fulfill his/her ambitions. Keep this in mind and turn to Exam-labs with their free and actual exam dumps as the most trusted means for your exam prep. All the best!