How can technology better help the healthcare industry?


While the digitization of healthcare in America has solved many problems — like, reducing medical errors and improving clinical decision support — it has also lead to new issues. Healthcare solutions such as electronic health records (EHRs) are still failing in data processing speeds and enhancing the patient care. Healthcare IT services ideally accelerates the data integration across heterogeneous sources, and improves the patient engagement.

A rigorous focus on the specific requirements of the end user, be it patient or clinician, is always necessary. Deevita is one of the leading medical software companies which develops creative health systems to engage the end users with high levels of digital technology adoption.

With the entry of patient-oriented solutions, the focus should be on simplifying the basic patient needs and driving the technology adoption in health care. For example, some suggested before that ride sharing could be a solution to better access during non-emergency scenarios. But, having ride-sharing apps on the smartphones of patients will not solve the medical transportation problem. In the case of ageing patients, it wouldn’t be a wise option, and they also form a major share of healthcare consumers and many of them don’t have smart phones nor possess the knowledge to use them.

Healthcare IT solutions should consider the usage aspect for the end users. The adoption of technology in healthcare industry should be able to identify the problem of end users, build the solution, and continue to engage with the ecosystem during its evolution.

The American healthcare system is at a constant need for innovation, and healthcare IT can provide solutions to some of its biggest challenges. To put it a nutshell, the healthcare industry has often failed to engage the end user while delivering solutions. Given a great focus on the problems end user face — and less focus on the systems themselves — healthcare systems can make the cyber medicine revolution a grand success.