How to earn money while travelling?

While travelling for work, vacation or just experience, everyone wants to make some money while they explore new locations. It is possible to make money while you travel from country to country through online methods. Here are some of the best ways to earn online:

Freelance Writing

If you have the flair for writing, freelance writing can be your go-to. It is one of the most popular kinds of online earning option and as many as 55 million people in the US are currently a part of the freelance writer community. You don’t have to fully dedicate all your hours to the job but work on your terms and at your own time. You can spend your travel time by writing blogs, eBooks, content for the web and much more. A lot of different platforms such as, Freelancer and much more provide you with jobs for the different niche of writing.

Create a portfolio with your best work, that brings out your strengths. This will help you attract more attention. You can also get work that pays higher for the niches that your expertise in and have extensive knowledge about.

Casino Gaming

You can also make money while having fun online. With technological advancements, you always carry a portable casino in your pocket or your bag. All kinds of online casino websites and apps offer a huge variety of casino games with massive payouts. You can play your favourite casino games including slots, table games, bingo and even online sports betting and win money for having fun. The casino review website has all the details related to the popular casino websites that are available in India and the ones that accept Indian players and currency. You will also be able to find all the popular promotions and offers here.

Travel Influencer

What is better than being able to travel and earning money from it. Being an influencer means that you have a big fan base on social media and have a wide reach to the audience. With a huge audience, the companies contact these influencers and pay them to advertise their brands and services. The travel influencers focus just on the content related to travel and the services that are needed for it.

So, if you have an interested in exploring new places, cultures, cuisines and people, travel influencer is the best option. There are many options to go for. One is a YouTube channel where you can upload travel videos, vlogs and much more. Then there is Instagram where you can upload short videos, stories, and pictures of your travel with the interested audience. Once your pictures have garnered the attention of a huge consumer base, you will get big deals from companies all around the world. Rahul Sharma is a travel influencer from India whose channel you can go and check out for inspiration.

Online Teaching

If you have extensive knowledge about a subject, you can teach and earn some cash. Teaching is not just limited to one on one classes but can also be done online. You can go to various websites such as Chegg Tutors, Ulessy, and Buddy School where you will find many teaching gigs paying well.

All you need is a degree, an active internet connection, apps like Skype and a zeal to teach other people. From language to software design and mathematics, there are many ways to share your knowledge with the world.


Travelling to new locations means you get to experience many new things and capture them with your camera. But you can earn money when you share these captioned moments with the others. There are numerous websites such as Etsy, Shutterstock and much more than look for high-resolution pictures of different locations, people, objects, landmarks and much more and pay good money for it. If you have a camera that can click high definition pictures and you have the skills to click captivating pictures, then uploading them on websites and getting money for them is a good option. Travelling is a fun experience, but it can also a way for you to make some money. Make sure you use this opportunity to explore your talents and try out these methods to be productive even when you are on your way to explore new countries


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