How to find expired domains of high Authority and PR By surfing the Internet, I see many articles on finding older domains and authority domains, but what will I do … I will not believe it. In this position, I will give you 100% effective and commander way to find and buy high quality and authority domains. You will have very valuable domains in your power to download anything and in minutes.

And why do we want to find deleted domains

This is a logical question. Buying a deleted domain means that buying a domain means ownership of the other owner in the past. This means that positioning, backlinks and authority that existed on this site are still taken into account. Many webmasters make web pages that leave for any reason. If they worked a lot on this website and then stopped paying the domain when they no longer wanted it, this domain is free and will still be able to hold its option. Our mission in this cruel world is to find domains ending and buy them at a good price. Why do these domains use? Because they have power and pizza (although this value is not so much useful) we can use it to make the content we want to position on the site.

Finding high authority and deleted domain domains

We are going to use the Web Service name. We enter the web and we register (in the upper right corner, login). I recommend registration because we will be able to access all the options for this wonderful online tool. Once it may be possible, go to the deleted domains “Deleted Domains”. I have been recommended to select the section section because there are most domains, but we can also research with other results.

Now we go to Godaddy. Goddess, in my opinion, the most economical and full domain registration service, although you can choose another option. Finally we will complete the most important part. We have to create filters so that they can not spend hours or hours except for hours and hours without being able to find hours and reliable domains without success.

To do so, we need to click “Show filter” and many options will be displayed:

Now, we are going to select the most important people. If we search for recent domains, we can only choose “last last 7 days” and we can also choose whether we just want to add domains to the demos or rank in Alexa (recommended) . We can also add a filter so that only domains with high authority and Pagerank, and / or at least show (older domains are better). We can also include keywords in “Contain Domain”.

My advice is that you will check with several different filters. It can also be advised to enter every day to search for recently deleted domains and be able to buy them before proceeding. Keep in mind that domains will end up thousands of days and you have to be

quick to find the best.

When we find domains that convince us, we need to realize that it is free (status: free) in the column on the right. Now we go to Godaddy and write in the domain. If it is free (and when cybercotic orgasm end) we buy it soon (it is prohibited that continuous updates can not be updated after the web), we will get domains with higher authority at the domain domains and with poker. It’s all!