We know you fund threading a needle tough when you are ready for sewing the dresses of your daughter. How about making the process easier for you?

Yes, for your convenience, we have brought a step by step process of threading needle on your best sewing chair machine. If you want to learn the process, please take a look!

Step 1

Take a look on the machine, you will see presser foot and place for the bobbin. Look at the top of the machine. You will see a part where the thread will go. Some machines include a cap or stopper. If you have one, go through the thread first and put it after that.

Step 2

Let the string unwind first. You will see a hoop there; go through that with your thread. Take the tread down now and search for a knob. You will find the knob on the back of the machine. Go around the knob once. Now, bring your thread upwards from the tension. You will see a hole here, take the thread and take it through right to left to get into this.

Step 3

Now all you have to do is take the level down. You have to take this into a coiled thread guide. And then, take the thread into the next thread guide. Now you are done doing the tough works. You have to thread the needle now.

Step 4

Now you have to insert the bobbin. Now pull out the string with pressure. Now, give importance in setting the bobbin into the tray of the machine. Take your thread and take it through the metal notch. Now, pull back!

Step 5

Now, you have to take the bobbin string to the top so that you are able to sew with the sewing machine.

Hold the top thread up. Use your one hand for this. Turn the handwheel with the other hand. Turn it towards you. The thread will go down into the bobbin casing after turning the handwheel. Pull out the loop and close the casing!


People who are facing a tough time dealing with threading their dewing machine must try these methods. All you have to do is go through the processes carefully and do it every week once. Once you get used to doing this, you will never forget it!

Are you ready to sew now! Yes, get back to sewing once again! Now I am going to tell you about How to Thread a Sewing Machine.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Sewing may seem easy but no one can tell if threading a sewing machine is not tough! Yes, even the seasoned people of sewing cloths will agree than threading takes away a lot of time and effort.

We have some steps for you that will help you make the threading easier. Go through the steps and you will never forget how to thread a sewing machine!

Step by Step Guide to Thread a Sewing Machine

Filling Bobbin

Take the thread and place it on the spool pin. After placing it, take the spool holder and cap it. If you do not have spool holder then avoid capping it. Toward the backside of the sewing machine, the thread will come off of the spool.

With the help of bobbin thread, draw the thread. Take the bobbin and put it on the bobbin winder. Move it through the hole so that it can adjust properly.

Now, you have to hold the thread loosely and drive the bobbin winder against the stopper. Slow down the foot pedal now and for starting the winding of the bobbin. If you have a start or stop button, press that instead of the slowing the foot pedal.

If the bobbin gets full, the machine must stop. Now clip the thread and take away the bobbin.

Threading the Machine

Try to thread the sewing machine when the machine is turned off. Take the thread and bring it around the upper thread. There is a U-shaped object in front of the machine. Loop the thread down and then around this object. Hold the thread tight so that it can connect with the tension discs.

Go to the hand wheel and turn it on. Move the take-up level and take it as high as it is possible. Draw the thread around it (depending o the machine, you may need to draw it through too.) It will secure the thread. Now, hole the thread and bring it down the left part of the U-shaped object. Bring it to the needle area. Now feed the thread and thread the needle.

Inserting Bobbin

This process is only required for the top-loading sewing machines. Here, all you have to do is remove the cover plate of the bobbin. Now, you have to put the bobbin inside the case. Ensure that in this sector, the thread will run counter-clockwise.

Take the thread throughout the first notch. Now, till the thread slips into the second notch keep drawing the thread.

Drawing up the Bobbin Thread

Hold up the thread tight. Now, turn the hand wheel. It will raise and lower the needle. In this process, it will also pick the bobbin thread up!

Now, for brining the whole bobbin up, you have to pull the threads tenderly. Pull them to the back of the sewing machine exactly to the presser foot!

You all not all set to start you sewing!

Wrap Up

So, now you are all set to start your sewing process. But, we recommend you practicing sewing once every day so that you do not forget the method.

The method of threading a sewing machine is very tricky and if you do not keep practicing it, you are more likely to forget. If you do not still have a sewing machine, buy one and go for it!