Malta Citizenship by Investment: Perspectives for Businesses

The 6th report on its results has been published by the Regulator, which allows analyzing the previous results of the CIP. More detailed information on this topic is provided in this article.

There are different countries that have so-called citizenship by investment programs (CBI) launched. While its primary benefit for participants is obtaining a second passport, there is also a range of attractive business opportunities that can be enjoyed. 

Malta belongs to these countries offering such a program (details are available here). The 6th report on its results has been published by the Regulator, which allows analyzing the previous results of the CIP. More detailed information on this topic is provided in this article. 

Basic Information about Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

The CBI was launched by the Maltese Government in 2013. According to it, investors from different countries can obtain a Malta passport by making an investment. There is a range of conditions and requirements that applicants must match, but, generally, it is a beneficial program that allows people with a good reputation and a stable financial situation to buy citizenship in a quick and easy way. 

It is worth noting that according to the program’s conditions, the applicants are not obligated to live on the island. This means that it is possible to spend some money to purchase a passport in this country and just wait for obtaining it. However, there is a range of significant benefits available for both businessmen and individuals. 

How to Obtain a Malta Passport

There are different investment options the applicants can use, including the following:

  • The NDSF;
  • Property (purchase/rent);
  • Government bonds and companies’ securities.

The investment amount and other conditions depend on the chosen option. Additional requirements are applied to the family members of an applicant. 

Malta Citizenship by Investment’s Benefits for Business

Malta is believed to be positive for direct investment of foreign capital due to its friendly and well-regulated environment. While there is a limited range of investment options you can use in order to get a passport of the country, it does not mean that you cannot do any other business there. 

During 2018, foreign direct investments to the country reached $4 billion. The most popular investment options are as follows:

  • Financial/insurance — the most popular sector that reaches 97% of all investments;
  • The communication industry;
  • Electronics;
  • The pharmaceutical industry.

All in all, there are over 200 foreign companies in Malta. The island is often chosen by companies looking for business opportunities in European countries and countries in North Africa.

The main advantages for foreign investors include:

  • Access to qualified and experienced staff from the EU;
  • A favorable geographical position for international business operations;
  • A range of perspective industries;
  • Favorable tax conditions.

According to the 2019 Doing Business Report, the island’s economy is ranked 84th out of 190 countries. 

Reasons for Malta Immigration 

Malta is an amazingly beautiful country that allows enjoying a range of benefits if you decide to move there with your family. The following are the main benefits of Malta immigration you will be able to enjoy:

  • You can travel without any visa to more than one hundred countries;
  • It is the 17th safest country in the world;
  • The island has one of the best free education systems in the world;
  • It has a stable social climate;
  • The country has a high-quality healthcare system.

The 2018-2019 Malta Citizenship by Investment’s Results 

According to the published report covering the period from July 2018 to June 2019, the program has shown a downward trend for twelve months. The greatest number of passports was issued in 2016-2017, but since 2017, the number of applicants decreased significantly, and the downward trend remains during the reported period. The annual report reveals that the number of applications decreased by 5.8% (311 applications during 2018-2019 compared to 330 applications during 2017-2018). A great share of applicants (38%) in 2018-2019 comes from Europe.

Why did the popularity of the program decrease? The regulator Carmel L. De Gabriele believes that this happened due to “bad publicity.” The expert thinks that a range of reputable international organizations works against the program without having enough grounds for that. Additionally, it is a natural result of a highly competitive environment. More and more countries offer such programs in order to attract investors from all over the world. 

Investment in Property 

There are two options available: rent or buy. During the reporting period, around 8% of investors in property decided to buy it, while 92% decided to lease it. All in all, 221 properties were either purchased or rented. According to the program, the purchase requires €350,000, and the property cannot be sold within the next five years. The renting conditions require paying €16,000 per year for rental. It is worth mentioning that renting property appears much cheaper than buying it. 

17 properties purchased from 2018 to 2019 cost more than €13 million. In fact, the average cost is more than €800,000 per item, which is higher than the required minimum. 

Investment in Government Stock

It is possible to become a citizen of the country by making an investment of €150,000 in government stocks. During 2018-2019, this amount reached more than €33 million. 


According to the program, the minimum contribution to the NDSF is €650,000. During the reporting period, the contribution amount to the Fund was more than €105 million.


While the Maltese CBI continues to show a downward trend, it may be caused by a negative influence from a range of reputable international organizations and tough competition. At the same time, the Maltese CBI is a good program that allows enjoying a range of individual and business benefits. It is a great option for those who need to get a second passport, want to move to the country, wish to establish a business, or invest some money in one of the rapidly developing industries. All in all, this program can be recommended for consideration.


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