Is it possible to become popular fast? I am sure, that the person reading this knows the answer, or at least has a guess. Also, this human being has the understanding of the importance of music streaming services for career of the musician. However, nowadays it is not enough just to publish your works, you need to promote them. Now you are thinking about organic Spotify promotion, aren’t you? Of course, you don’t want to spend years to gain your audience, you want your fame here and now. So let’s talk about organic Spotify promotion, and figure everything out once and for all.

How does promotion works, and what is the procedure? For the start, you need to understand, that the algorithms of the Spotify calculate certain popularity rating for every song, based on the number of plays, likes, etc. These parameters are the one tweaked with various promotion services. By increasing these parameters, your track gets higher in rating, and finds place in popular playlists, user recommendations, and top-charts.

The more popular the song is, the more often it will be seen by people. Tracks also can be featured in blogs, ads, thematic web-sites, and other media resources. When people see and hear the song, they like it, add to their collection, and start listening to it, over and over again. This is what organic Spotify promotion is all about – real people. And the active audience is now more than 160 million people from all over the globe. All these people can be your fans.

Spotify really understands the struggles, every musician faces at the beginning of their career, and therefore helps them in promotion and finding the audience. The main difference between organic Spotify promotion and other music services promotion, is that Spotify promotion is natural, unobtrusive, and can’t make users angry. This promotion is basically suggesting the song to the end user, without ads. If person likes your track, then the promotion is organic and successful. Only organic promotion can give stable and long-lasting popularity. No bots or fake accounts, only real listeners.

No doubts, the star of Spotify is the brightest one on the sky. This is the service, people trust, people use daily, and they love it. Try to play on this love with your promotion, show them what you’ve really got. Your talent, diligence, and hard work, in cooperation with clever promotion will make you a star!