SssniperWolf is a Web celebrity who is renowned for her video games play she publishes on her YouTube network under the name SssniperWolf. If you are interested in learning more about even more regarding this skilled women gamer, along with her total assets, then we recommend that you continue reading below.


Alia Shalesh, or Lia Wolf was born upon September 22, 1992, and also her zodiac sign is Libra. She was birthed in England, and also she has Greek and Turkish blood in her. Lia Wolf has a more youthful sibling and also two younger siblings, and she is the oldest child in her household. After a long time invested in the United Kingdom, the Wolf household decided that it is time for them to transfer to the USA of America, and so they did. Provided her Greek and also Turkish ethnic background, her household valued custom as well as customs, and when they moved to the United States, Lia had problem finding a close friend in her new environment. She participated in intermediate school with a major in business, and she completed Organisation Field of expertise she mosted likely to research in secondary school. Lia Wolf was very thinking about business along with some medicine-related topics, and also she included whatever she found out in some organisation ideas she had at the time.

Nevertheless, her enthusiasm for computer system as well as video games dominated. Lia Wolf loved playing games since she was a young 6-year-old, and all that expanded stronger when she opted for her family to stay in the United States. Her mother as well as daddy sustained her player dream when they saw how much she delights in playing. They bought her PlayStation 1, and also her mother also provided her as a surprise present PlayStation 2 video games like Pokemon, Digimon, and Converse, which are Lia Wolf’s all-time preferred games.


She began her YouTube channel titled SssniperWolf, and eventually, her pc gaming video clips started tourist attraction attention, and also she slowly became preferred. When she realized exactly how preferred she is coming to be, she decided to begin an additional channel on YouTube, as well as she called it Little Lia. SssniperWolf is a video gaming channel, and also there are extra male clients and customers. Little Lia is intended for even more of a female target market, as she is submitting DIY content as well as she is making some fantastic points. She is likewise sharing some of her superb concepts like how to develop toys, some recipes on exactly how to do easy crafts, amongst other points. Lia Wolf took care of to draw in both female and also male audience, and that is what makes her effective, more than any other YouTuber out there, who has material for just one point, like for video gaming, crafts as well as some other things.

Personal life

The young YouTuber is well-known for her healthy way of living, as well as she stated when how she hasn’t been to see the medical professional for also simply a cold for over a decade. On her channel Little Lia, she is showcasing a few of the many skills that she has. You can see her outstanding Hula Loop abilities, and she always discusses her education and learning as well as exactly how he service institution has made her constantly chase her desires and also attempt and also find some method accomplishing whatever she wishes. The poor side of the YouTube life is that sometimes you simply do not have sufficient time to get as well as do whatever you want. Lia Wolf experienced that when she wanted to seek her educational level, and she also mosted likely to attend a regional neighborhood college in a desire to obtain her diploma. However, she quickly recognized that maintaining her job as well as attending college is very challenging, and also she made a challenging choice about leaving university. But, that doesn’t indicate that a person day she will not have the ability to get that university degree, and she can maybe someday take care of to do so.

Lia Wolf was understood to be in a partnership with Evan Sausage, who is likewise a YouTuber, yet unfortunately, the two separated after they couldn’t deal with some issues of personal concerns.

SssniperWolf Total Assets 2019

SssniperWolf and also Little Lia bring her a good amount of money, taking into consideration how old is she, or must we dare say young, and so much her estimated total assets is around $550,000. Judging by her daily raising fame and also her routine video uploads, wit is safe to claim that her net worth can just raise from this year on.