Tasty Technology – 5 Clever Appliance Upgrades That Will Make You Fall In Love With Cooking


Updating or remodeling your kitchen is necessary for a number of reasons. From replacing faulty appliances to refreshing the overall look of your home, sometimes it’s necessary to do away with the old and bring in the new. Then there’s the lesser talked-about benefit of how it can help inspire you to make more use of your kitchen space. Here are five new kitchen appliance upgrades that will reignite your desire for cooking:

1. Induction Cooktop

There’s a reason these cooktops have successfully expanded in popularity beyond commercial kitchens. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy to heat whatever is in your pan directly, rather than warming the cooktop surface. Not only is it faster and more energy-efficient to use, but it is also safer if your family includes curious kids who might try to touch your new appliances when you’re not looking. When you invest in this cooktop, you will need to make sure you use induction compatible cookware, as the technology will not work with all pots and pans.

2. Cold Press Juicer

Why pay for expensive juices at your coffee shop or health food store when you can easily make them at home? If you’re still using a standard juicer, or worse, an ancient food processor, then making the switch to cold press will change your life. Cold pressing kills bacteria in the process while retaining more vitamins, minerals, and flavor than any other juicing method. So if you love an OJ in the morning or need to increase your fruit intake, owning a new cold press juicer is a great way to start.

3. Steam Oven

There are so many benefits to cooking with steam. Health-wise, it’s the best way to retain nutrients of the vegetables and meat that you’re cooking. In terms of practicality, using a steam oven will save you time and energy as it is faster than a traditional oven. Oil is unnecessary for steam cooking and it’s practically impossible to over-steam or burn your food meaning this method is virtually mess-free.

4. A 3D Food Printer

Maybe this one is a bit of a novelty, but who cares? If you’re into themed parties, hosting lunches or dinners or just excited at the idea of creating intricate, mandala-shaped pancakes, then make it happen by purchasing your own 3D Food Printer. A relatively new cooking innovation, 3D food printers help you customize foods like cakes, chocolates, and pizzas with greater precision than any manual technique.

These printers usually offer the option of choosing from pre-set shapes, or, to create and save your own designs. You may not find 3D food printers as easily in-store but a quick read online of some leading brands is all it’ll take to get one ordered straight to your home.

5. Dehydrator

In the long term, using a dehydrator will mean more than just lots of delicious, dried snacks for you and your family. This simple appliance can save you a fair amount of money and significantly reduce food waste at the same time. You can extend the life of your fruit and vegetables by transforming them into dried snacks like fruit chips and meat products by making your own jerky. Better yet, food dehydrators are more widely available, so you can purchase them at various price points and use them for years to come.

Now you’re more familiar with some of today’s popular modern kitchen appliances, you can start working on your shopping list. Which ones can you see yourself using in your kitchen?

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