Dubai is a Muslim country and it should be respected for what it is and the way it treats its authenticity and culture. You can go around and have as much alcohol as you like but that doesn’t give you the liberty to be rolling on the streets like an animal and invite trouble for yourself. And yes the weather is extremely hot there at times but that is no reason to wear clothes around there that are literally next to nothing, carry clothes that’ll keep you comfortable.

The more you respect their culture the more kindness you are going to feel from the people, that’ll treat you with amazing service and absolutely crime free environment. It is safe to a level where you can leave your car unlocked and it is going to be fixed in its place with everything intact, this is a level of protection you feel in very few places around the world. Dubai is a place full of surprises and the deeper you explore the place, the more you are going to fall in love with it.

Here is a list of few things you can do in Dubai if you’re visiting someone or on a vacation;

1)    Explore the Burj Khalifa. The moment you arrive in Dubai, it is next to impossible to miss out on the tallest building on the planet and you will be reminded of it every now and then, especially if you are a tourist. It is like a giant needle-shaped spacecraft standing tall above the city.

2)    Book yourself a luxury yacht in Dubai and go cruising. It’ll be a perfect outdoor experience for you. And you can also check for some good deals online and go ahead surfing the waters of Dubai among the beautiful skyscrapers and market.

3)    Make sure you go to the mall if-if you are not looking to shop there. You will have to see it believe how much of luxury is there among the people in Dubai. And along with that, you can check out the Dubai fountain as well that’ll open up at ^pm for visits. Get yourself a table outside a restaurant and enjoy the view from a corner.

4)    Go skiing once most definitely. It’ll be really trippy to boast about skiing in a place like Dubai. But the fact is that Dubai does promise you an amazing skiing experience in Mall of Emirates. You can rent all the skiing gear you want and have fun skiing at the longest imitated run of 1300 feet. Your heart is going to squeal with delight.

5)    Enjoy the delicacies here. You are going to find all kinds of cuisines from different parts of the world here. Try not to miss out on anything, from street food to the luxury food. You’ll be able to enjoy food from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghan, Europe, Italy etc.

6)    Go for a day out. There are a lot of touring companies that offer a single day package for people to go around and explore the city. They will collect you from your hotel and take you out on everywhere amazing in Dubai, like a camel ride, desert safari, belly dancer shows, good meal places etc.

Dubai has changed a lot over the years and has become more and more popular among the people to pick it as their new favorite travel destination. So go ahead and plan your visit and make sure you do all the things above stated to make your experience even better.