It’s hard for company to develop and work with clients without up-to-date web products. Under the present-day conditions, the business has to have a mobile app, thought-out software, website, and other management applications.

Which solutions are highly sought?

Well-known TemaBIT Company keeps up with the times and offers: 

  • A Palette that’s perceived as an assortment and inventory planning web app. It helps analyze consumer behavior and define the trends, comprised of retail analytics. Palette is useful in assortments planning strategy implementation and the bottom line increasing. The user can check out the customer’s needs according to personal preferences. This web solution emphasizes balanced representation by offering products across available categories. TemaBIT Company specialists use JavaScript, Kendo.js, Angular.js, and other technologies to implement the idea, based on the business peculiarities.
  • Self-checkout solutions allow labor productivity and quality of customer service increasing. SCO systems save retail area, as instead of one traditional checkout point, you can install 2 or even 3 self-checkout lanes. In the context of a shortage of qualified checkers, the self-checkout systems resolve the staffing issues. Moreover, the purchase payment becomes easy and quick, which attracts hurrying customers, who need to buy a few items and leave the store. The solution is powered by reliable technologies, so all the displayed data (on the screen) is completely accurate and supports multiple languages.
  • FZMobile is all-in-one retail software that makes it easy to automate nearly 90% of the essential business processes. It means that the app is useful for good acceptance, inventory management, etc. Repetitive tasks can be eliminated, the same as the possibility of error due to human factors.
  • The Supplier Portal is a great solution for connecting vendors and store teams via a basic portal powered by K2 technology. It enhances agility and responsiveness by simplification of communication between participants. Supplier Portal brings real-time access and reduces operational costs.
  • BitPOS calculates the price for items, speeds up the checkout process, and mitigates human errors. This web product works due to Postgre SQL, React, and other modern technologies. The specified solution is useful for saving guests time and shortening queues, as it proposes the easy search of items (through barcode or PLU).
  • Bit Scales is regarded as one of the best implementations that displays the weight of the product and prints the label. This solution is perfect for easy scanning, quick checking, and the best experience getting.
  • The Loyalty app brings all the popular promotions to the customer’s device. The business owner has a great possibility to create direct communication with the clients by spotlighting the store on the smartphone.

All the above-mentioned developments are built on the trusted technologies and work seamlessly. Take a moment and contact TemaBIT Company for more information.


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