What a Managed Service Can Do for Your Business

Whatever sort of business you have, there are probably all kinds of tasks associated with it. You have to accomplish those tasks regularly, or else you won’t satisfy your customers. You will get a bad reputation, and other companies in your niche will overtake you.

You might hire workers who can handle all those chores. That’s a model that makes sense for many companies. However, there is another viable option, and that’s hiring a managed services company.

We’ll explain what a managed services company is in the following article, and we’ll also go over some specific areas where they can help you.

What Exactly Are Managed Services?

When we use the term managed services and talk about managed services companies, we mean outsourcing. Let’s say your company has certain responsibilities. You need to maintain different functions and processes to keep your business going.

As we mentioned, you can hire employees to do those things, but, for one reason or another, that may not be the best option for you. Perhaps it’s because you no longer have a brick-and-mortar store location, so you want to take these functions and processes digital. Recordkeeping for tax purposes would be one example of this scenario.

You can hire a managed services company to handle all that for you. The individuals that make up that company will likely have the latest industry-appropriate technology. They might use things like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and complex algorithms.

What Does This Accomplish?

Hiring a managed services company to handle some of your business’s chores is potentially useful for multiple reasons. For instance, you can often save money this way. It’s likely that hiring a single managed services company or engaging one of their software packages will be a lot cheaper than hiring an entire department to handle these tasks, which you’d otherwise have to do.

Also, this is an operational improvement method. Sometimes, if you don’t use a managed services company or software, the tasks you need to handle can monopolize employee time. That means your staff is dedicating valuable time to these tasks that they could spend in other ways, such as coming up with new marketing campaigns, doing R and D work, studying the competition, etc.

Now, let’s talk about specific managed services your business might consider employing.

Help Desk

You might decide to outsource your company’s help desk. That’s an easy fix if you hire a managed services company.

You’d start by engaging them and telling them what your business does. Maybe you sell products or provide specific services.

Once the managed services company learns what you do, they can act as your help desk. Perhaps they’re physically located in another state or even another country. That doesn’t matter to the customer, though, so long as your managed services company can handle their problems or questions appropriately.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is something that more businesses want these days, and it’s not difficult to see why. If you still have physical servers, you need to store them somewhere. That means renting or purchasing a facility, which is probably a cost you don’t want.

If you move all your records into the cloud, you can access them from anywhere, such as remote locations, if you have employees working from home during the pandemic. Cloud storage also does not require the IT maintenance that physical servers do. Cloud storage software is much faster and easier to update than physical servers that become outdated after a few years.

Managed Backups

Backups are another possible managed service. You know that you’ll want to back up your system at all times if you have any digital presence.

This is where you keep all your customer information, such as their email addresses for marketing purposes or a list of what they’ve purchased from you in the past. It’s where you might store all of your employee information, such as their social security numbers, full names, physical addresses, and more.

You want to have a backup of all of that. If you lose any of that information because your system crashes, that can be a disaster. There is no quicker way to lose worker or customer confidence.

Many businesses look into managed services, not just for one set of tasks or one area of their company, but for several. We cannot overemphasize the money and time-saving possibilities, and this is a quick way to streamline your entire business model if you’re eager to grow.


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