What is Ear Barotrauma? | Causes $ Treatment | Prevention This is a condition which causes ear failure for mineral transformation. There is some tube that is called tube to kill this tube to control the weight of this help to connect your throat and nose.

On the occasion, when your tube is turned off, you feel ear barrromom. It keeps on both sides of your wings.

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It is blocking the hungry container container, which is the most serious problem of mine barrrrom, which is the leading cause of death. Similarly, care and cure related to sink disease are swollen in such a neutral waste tube. Additionally, essentially safe nose is thrown into a furious. The most important reason for display changes is that many people have encountered the mine due to mine batterrom during the ship’s drop, which has reached the plane by climbing on the condition.

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When you believe that you hear a fly in your ear, it is a sign of great disaster and when your death is over, it is more realistic for you to end up on the occasion. Tried to clear the center-to-ear load. To adjust your ear weight.

Your ears feel unhealthy and vertical, dangerous, hearing disadvantages and blood and blood outside your ears.

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The ear batterromom is expressed from a slight loss in the ear, and in turn, one possibility is produced in one ear. The thermometer is just a piece of body which needs to be individually set to weight and vibration in ear.in, the main replacement time is serious about the printed reason.

Air Barotrauma Search

Sometimes your ear can be recognized by the form of an examination closure, there are a few changes in your ear, for instance, for weight loss as a rule, airmelon is somewhat internally It is forwarded from where he should sit. Your specialist adds a decent recommendation to your specialist when your liquid is born from the earliest, then it will break you the right to right.

People hard to hear

A large part of the cases, Barterrom can be fed with a physician. So there are some minds that you should take to reduce.

⦁ Breathing activity

In some cases a specialist will occasionally give you microbial and steroid disease to help in illness and harmony.

Earlier in the morning, Bermoroma case is about rumors. Provide a few months for your ear. In this case, when ear-batterromom side effects do not respond in mind, you need a medical procedure for ear.

Home care treatment for airborne

Child loss listening

This specialist can be presented to reduce punishment. You can also help reduce the medicinal room. Oral or nose decisive and antihistamines. It saves from ear pollution.


You know that every ear is an extension tube, which has a center-to-face interface on the back of the throat. At the stage of self-brain, Estachin tubes can help reduce the weight and weight of the center center.