What job is full of tediousness and the toughest one? The first profession that might pop-up in your mind could be an accountant or a cashier, but there is a profession that has outclassed all other occupations existing in the world. Do you know which job I’m talking about? Read below!

The data entry work is probably the toughest job, yet it is full of boredom. This job involves extracting text from documents and typing it in a computer using a keyboard. At first sight, it might appear as an easy work, but the data entry clerks are burdened with files, files, and files. They have to keep transcribing the same data again and again for hours. The constant typing and punching on keyboards often leave these clerks’ fingers in severe pain. And it seems that they don’t have any alternative to do this work without wasting time and losing energy.

The rise in technology has converted almost every manual task to automation. So, how can data-entry work have no alternate? Yes, there is a technology that can offer you much relief! It is known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

There are many benefits of using OCR technology not only for the employee but also for the employer. Hence, in this post, I’ll consider these benefits in detail. But before moving to that, let’s first discuss what OCR is and how it works.

Optical Character Recognition – How it works?

OCR is a software designed for converting the content carried in hard copies to digital devices. In short, this technology helps people in the data entry industry by transferring the files from their desk to the desktop.

When the term “software” or “program” appears, the first thought of a person that makes him/her reluctant to use technology is the price. Of course, there are OCR tools that costs much, but instead of losing hope, you can use the Image to Text converting tool by https://searchenginereports.net/image-to-text-converter. This tool also involves OCR technology, but it is available online for free of cost.

Benefits of OCR

  1. Prevents Blunders

The major problem that occurs in manual data entry work is the inaccuracy. There are chances of typing errors, but when using OCR technology, you can prevent yourself from any blunders. Besides, a human eye can miss out on some crucial details while looking at a paper and inserting its text on a computer. But OCR will eliminate this problem as it will transform all particulars contained in a document.

  • Improves Productivity

The employees can consume an ample amount of time for entering data manually. Therefore, many companies have a large team for doing this job as quick as possible. But still, it can’t beat the speed of an OCR tool. This software enhances the pace of extracting data from documents, and it also saves time that could be lost while picking out the required document from the bundles.

  • Makes Searching Instant

While using OCR, you’ll be able to maintain records of every customer and supplier with ease by storing it in notepad or word format. In this way, you can search for the required details within a matter of seconds and save your time for other conversions.

  • Your Data Stays in Safe Hands

There are always some confidential details and secrets of entrepreneurs that they don’t intend to share with anyone, not even their employees. While doing manual data entry work, your employee might go through some information word-by-word, and you might get in danger. However, using OCR will not allow your staff to go through essential details as the task would require no longer than 30 seconds.

  • Saves Cost by a Huge Difference

This benefit can be explained better with an example.

Suppose that you’ve employed 3 people for manual data entry. You pay each of them 6 pounds per hour, and they have the capacity to transfer the data of 5 pages within this time. It means that you’ll be paying them 18 pounds for extracting information from 15 pages in 60 minutes. However, using the OCR technique will eliminate the need for 2 employees, and the productivity would rise by more than 150% that would save you a lot.

Wrapping Up

These benefits should be able to convince you to use OCR instead of entering data manually. However, you should be aware of the drawback associated with this technology. OCR can help you in transcribing only printed text, as it cannot read the hand-written content. Thus, you can use this technology, but in some cases, you’ll have to rely on data entry clerks.