You have done everything to start painting your home.  From selecting paint colors that will be suitable for your home, buying everything you need to start this home transformation, and getting ready to face the tremendous job of painting walls, trim and even panels. You will do everything to ensure your painting project will be successful just like any painting company you know.

You may think that you already have what it takes to start this huge project that will surely change how you see every corner of your home. But, are you sure that you already consider every detail before starting doing it? Have you thought about the time? And by this, it is not just the number of hours you are expecting to complete the project. It is also about the best time to start, and of course, your projected time you will accomplish, your paint project? It is an essential matter to think about because there is a right and wrong time to put some colors on some areas of your home, which can surely affect the over-all painting project you want to put up.

One of the purposes in any painting project is to always sure that the paint can last long on all of the areas in your home. In this case, check out for painters near me and get a few more clarifications., one of the deciding factors if you want to make your paints lasts for lifetime is the weather condition.

According to New Castle Painting BC, in interior painting, conditions of the weather conditions can be manageable. But in the case of the exterior painting, things like the external and moisture conditions have to pay attention to. The temperature also matters for the house painters since there are various kinds of paints. For oil-based paints, the ideal temperature should be between 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while for the latex type, it should range from 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In this temperature, it gives enough time for the paint to dry. Moreover, avoid doing painting on a sunny or windy day is also important. Extreme sunlight or wind can always dry the paint earlier, which can lead to paint failures like swellings, dips, and eventual pits, and shedding.

Painting in rainy season is also not recommended. Obviously, the paint will be just washed away by the rain. In winter season, meanwhile, your paint will take a longer time before it gets dry.

The summer season is alright. However, you should avoid painting on a sunny day. So, the spring season is so far the preferable time of the year to do the house painting.

Generally when you consider when is the right time to do your painting project, it should be the day with no rain, with the normal temperature, and low wind.

When to Paint Indoors

Room painting is one of the inexpensive ways to renovate your space and reflect your personality. If you are residing in an area with a humid weather, make sure you alter the drying time needed between coats, especially if you are using a rich color over a dull one. Opening all the windows regardless if it is cold or hot must also be done to help in getting the layer of paint to dry. The 40 to 70 percent of humidity level is an ideal time to paint.

However, if you are in a dry climate and you consider using a sprayer, ensure that it will be not too dry. If this happens, the paint can stick to the wall’s exterior.

When to Paint Outdoors

If the trim peels and the color diminishes from the house’s front area, a good paint job is all it takes to added up the over-all appeal of your house. The key to getting a good coat on the home that will last a long time is by selecting when is the right night for the paint to dry. During the months of cold winter, the paint does not go well when applied. The tendency is that it can take too long to dry, which can be exposed to more paint problems.

A warm and dry day is the best time to paint your home’s exterior. Before doing your outdoor painting, be sure to know the day’s weather forecast to guarantee that no rain will occur. Also, you should start early in the morning so that you have more time to solve unforeseen problems that may happen as you do brushing and rolling all day.

More Tips for Painting

For painting contractors, to paint better around doors and windows use a small brush and use a separate brush for trim. Just like other painters, apply paint on a large expanse of wall in a W shape when you use a roller. Then fill in that W shape as you continue to apply paint to the wall. This should be done to cut down streaks and other unnecessary spots. To keep pressure on the roller to make it steady, face the open side of the roller’s frame to the area that was painted.