10 Best Flowers for the 2021 Winter Season


Winter is an amazing season to have beautiful flowers in the garden. According to expert flower shop Little Flower Hut, despite the cold weather, there are numerous types of flowers that will thrive in your garden. Depending on regions and locations, the types of flowers for the winter season may vary. You can have your garden filled with the scent and colors of winter. There is no reason why you should pack and forget your gardening skills for a while during the months of frost and snow. For 2021 winter season, here are the 10 best types of flowers that will bloom in the cold weather and will sure to brighten up your pots:

1. Snowdrops

Snowdrops are like droplets of snow. The downturned petals are in white blooms enhanced nicely with green leaves. This flowering plant usually blooms from the early days of November until the month of February. Since Snowdrops flowers were first found in 1597, people love its milk-like color. Snowdrops are also known to symbolize hope and peace. If you want this pretty white flower to bloom in your garden just in time for the winter season, it is best to plant them during the spring or autumn season.

2. Winter Aconites

When best grown underneath the shrubs and trees, Winter Aconites bloom beautifully in yellow color. The lovely blooms are perfect for the cold winter months as they brighten up the day. Even if you have a frost-laden garden, you will notice the rich and beautiful color of sunshine yellow Winter Aconites. On the other hand, children and pets may be harmed if this flower is ingested.

3. Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is considered as hardy in zones 6-10. It is a type of plant that grows low but can be as long as 12 feet. It is usually found covering the ground during the winter months. The blooms are in bright yellow and the plants appear without leaves. Even the snow covered ground can be easily filled with the branches and stems of the Winter Jasmine because once its branch touches the ground it will form new roots and grow more new branches and stems where flowers will bloom.

4. Winter Honeysuckle

Winter Honeysuckle gives the best winter lemony scent. Its creamy white blooms appear from the month of November until April. The plant is a shrub-type that grows fast during the season of frost and snow. Its branches and stems can grow long and wide from 6 feet to 12 feet. It is hardy in ones 4-8 and it can thrive even in clay, sand, and soil with alkaline and acidity level. On the other hand, this type of plant will not grow its best when planted on soggy soil.

5. Winter Cherry

Winter Cherry is a popular flower of the winter season, especially in Asian countries like Korea and Japan. Cherry blossoms are among the reasons why people love to visit Asia, The pretty blush pink color of blooms hanging up in the Cherry tree is such a beautiful outdoor sight for many people. With snow or without snow, the falling blooms of Winter Cherry are such a sight to behold.

6. Cyclamen

Cyclamen is a delightful winter flower bursting in pretty colors. Being a frost hardy flowering plant that is considered as perennial plant, it offers blooms in various colors of red, pink, purple, violet, and bi-colors. You will be delighted to see these beautiful flowers in the winter months of December to February. The blooms are abundant and rich during January, which is why it is the flower of the month. During the summer and spring season, this flowering plant becomes dormant.

7. Fragrant Daphne

Also known as Winter Daphne because it blooms richly during the winter months, Fragrant Daphne is a fragrant flower. Its shrubs are small yet the blooms give a distinct perfume throughout the garden. Its plant can grow up to 4 feet wide and tall. Recorded as hardy plant in Zones 7-9, its rosy-purple blooms become more pretty and lovely when snow starts to fall down. If you want your garden to be filled with the beautiful colors of flowers and with a heavenly scent throughout the winter season, include this plant in your collections.

8. Christmas Roses

Christmas Roses bloom during the holiday season, which is why it is called Christmas Rose. It is known botanically as Helleborusniger and is usually regarded as one of the holiday plants. Its white blooms are mostly in bowl shape similar to the shape of a wild Rose.

9. Glory of the Snow

Chionodoxa is a flowering plant that is popularly known as Glory of the Snow. This is because this type of plant can grow and bloom nicely even in snow. Its hardiness zones are Zones 3-8 and its blooming season may start as early as spring season when temperature begins to drop. Its star-like blooms come in various colors of sky blue, lavender, white, and pink.

10. Camellia

Camellia or Common Camellia is a flowering plant that usually blooms from winter months to spring season if grown in different months. Some species and varieties of Common Camellia are fragrant while some are odorless. Its hardiness zones are Zones 7-9. You can find the blooms in different colors like red, rosy, white, and pink. Most Camellias can grow as tall as 6 to 12 feet and from 3 to 6 feet wide. Your garden will look lovely and pretty on winter months when Camellia blooms are out and up.

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