4 Pokemon Go Tips On How To Get Stronger


Pokemon has been a part of most people’s childhood, and you cannot blame them since it has been a great series. Until now, Pokemon continues to grow, and more people still wanted to watch the movies and series, which is because Pokemon has a unique story and world. Pokemon was created in the year 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri from mainland Japan.

The creator of Pokemon decided to create a game that they never produced before in the market. In the year 2016, a group of companies gathered and created a game called Pokemon Go. It is an augmented reality game that everyone can play using their mobile phones, and here are the best tips on how to get stronger in this kind of play.

Use incubators and hatch your eggs.

If you receive some eggs from gifts or if you ever collected some of it from Poke Stops, it will help you have Pokemons and gain XP. To do it, you need to put them on the incubator and try to walk the required distance of 2km up until 10km. Most gamers will be able to start with unlimited usage of a nursery, and sometimes you’ll be granted 3x incubators.

You can buy incubators in shops, but always remember that you need to use them wisely, and the best way to use 3x incubators is to use it for 10km eggs. And for infinite incubators, you can use it for shorter kilometer eggs like 2km, 3km, and 5km. By following this kind of trick, you will be able to hatch eggs and gather more special type Pokemon monsters.

Do your best to Build-up your XP, then strengthen your Pokemon.

To be a great pokemon trainer will depend on the XP that you have gathered throughout the game. You level-up because you achieve the right amount of XP, and every level, there are more XP needed. But the good thing about this is that you will have more rewards at the higher level that you achieve. You will be able also to evolve and hatch your Pokemon easier.

Powering-up or strengthening your Pokemon when you don’t have enough XP will make you spend more candies. That is why you need to use your power-ups of Pokemon until you have achieved a higher XP level. Perfect level for that is at least level 20, and to build XP faster, you can use some lucky egg, evolving Pokemon using candies, and battle with friends.

Create an army and manage your bag correctly.

When you catch a certain pokemon, there are two ways in the game where you can register the Pokemon you pick during the game. You can use a bag in which you will find Pokemon that are available to you and a Pokedex that will provide all the information about the Pokemon that you caught.c

To successfully manage your bag, you need always to remember that you only need to keep those Pokemon that you need. The best examples of these Pokemon are the once that you often use on gym fights and raid battles like Blissey, Caterpie, Kakuna, Metapod, and other active Pokemon.

You need to keep those Pokemon that still needs to evolve. And you should also need to take good care of some unique items that you need to process evolution for your Pokemon. There will also be some special edition pokemon, and the best example for this is a Pikachu, which will evolve into a powerful Raichu.

You can transfer your Pokemon in return for candies.

In playing Pokemon, you have an option to transfer some of your Pokemon for you to have candies. A perfect example of this is having a lot of same variety of Pokemon like 15 Rattata in which you can swap 14 of them for sweets and use these candies to power-up your battle pokemon.

In Playing Pokemon Go, the amount of Pokemon that you can carry is limited. That is why you need to transfer some of your Pokemon and concentrate solely on your main Pokemon. Another way to make your Pokemon stronger is to gather Pokemon Go cheats, which you can find in robot.net.


To achieve greatness in Pokemon Go, you need to be the fastest. That is why you need to know about some of the Pokemon Go cheats. Besides the hacks and tricks that were said above, there are still more ways for you to be able to achieve your goal in Pokemon Go.

But even if you gathered this kind of information, expect that other players are also doing this and the competition will be more fierce than before. That is why you still need to prepare yourself and enjoy the game while defeating gym leaders one at a time.

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