5 Reasons Why you should use Thin Brick Panels for your Next Construction Project


Thin Brick Panels offer a cost-effective yet durable solution to your wall panel installation needs. That is why they have become a standard part of modern wall panel construction for residential areas. Not just that, even commercial areas are looking towards brick veneer wall panels as they are inexpensive and can be installed quite easily as compared with the traditional brick walls.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Thin Brick Panels for your next construction project.    

Looks Just Like Traditional Bricks

Modern Brick Veneer Walls and Panels give the same look and feel as that of the traditional brick walls and panels. The aesthetics are the same as well. In the past, it was pretty easy to distinguish between these two materials. But now, since the Think Brick Panels are made with clay and shale as well, it is quite hard to see the difference. The texture and the strength is almost identical to the traditional clay walls plus the added benefit of Brick Veneer of being thin and thick.    

Brick Veneers are Light-weight

Since Brick Veneers are thick, they have a much lighter build than that of traditional clay bricks. There is not additional weight bearing support needed. This makes these veneers to be easily installable and maintainable. Their thin texture make them an all-rounder solution for most residential and commercial walls and panels.   

Cost Effective

The most prominent benefit of thin brick walls is that they are cost effective as well as less time-consuming during installation. Since these bricks are not so heavy, their unit cost is much lower. The installation also doesn’t require a lot of effort so, you the cost of that is saved as well. It takes much less time for these kinds of panels to be installed and manipulated. The maintenance cost is reasonable as well. In fact, the material is easily washable you can take care of that yourself.      

Installation is Easy

If you are the kind of person who likes to do simple home maintainers by yourself then you can easily apply brick veneer panels to the walls of your home as well. Unlike the traditional clay bricks, there is no extra skill needed for installation. Thin Brick Walls require a simple support system and just one layer of masonry for installation. You can easily take care of that by yourself.   

Powerful Insulation Features 

Brick Veneers have excellent Insulation features as well. You can install these to the interior or exterior walls of your home or commercial area. These bricks come with different insulation capacities referred to as the R Values. You can install an appropriate brick panel inside or outside of your home and take advantage of its amazing insulation benefits.

Wrapping Up

Veneer Brick Panels offer much more affordability and durability than the traditional clay bricks. This is exactly why you need to add these to your next construction project.

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