5 Tips to Hiring Recent College Grads


It’s the beginning of June and the weather has finally begun to consist of strictly warm days. The flowers are in full bloom and you wake up every morning to the distant sound of birds chirping. Summer is around the corner and life feels good again. And, one more thing, college graduates are officially on the hunt for work. Every year the spring brings a new wave of recent college graduates looking for work.

They just finished four years of hard work and are ready to take the workforce on head first. But finding the right candidate for the entry-level position opening at your company can be difficult. You want someone who you feel confident is going to be able to handle various responsibilities and will benefit the company as much as it will benefit them. But it’s important to remember that college grads are eager to work, which is valuable for any company. So before you go ahead and hire the first fervent grad you come across, check out these 5 tips to hiring recent college grads:

1. Establish Hiring Requirements

First things first, you need to make sure you establish a few hiring requirements so you know which candidates are right for the job. You want to hire someone who is not just a good fit, but also has skills that can transfer to other roles. A good employee is multifaceted and can juggle a myriad of responsibilities. Just be sure to be clear with the job description and expectations when you post the listing.

2. Do Some Research

When it comes to hiring a new employee, you need to do some research and run a background check. The background check is often the final step in the hiring process and ensures that the employer is making a good decision. It will unveil the past work history of the candidate to verify that what they’re saying is true, as well as education, criminal records, credit history, and more.

3. Offer Flexible Options

In today’s world, employees want flexible work options. Remote working has changed the workplace forever, so when it comes to hiring recent college grads, they will likely want the option to work from home. And with all the project management tools out there, working from home is as easy as ever.

4. Train Properly

Having to go through multiple employees for a certain position is just going to be a waste of time and money for your company. To eliminate this risk, be sure to train every employee thoroughly. Training new hires isn’t just going to be beneficial for the company, but for the employee as well. It guarantees that they are doing their work correctly and gaining good experience. Your company can use a Learning Management System to make training new employees go more smoothly.

5. Timing is Everything

If you’re looking to bring on more employees, you may be tempted to wait until school ends to start the process. But timing is crucial when it comes to hiring. Depending on the position you’re looking to fill, you may want to start looking before the academic year even comes to an end. That way, you know you will have the position filled as soon as school ends and your employee can have peace of mind knowing they have a steady job.

You want to be extremely thorough with all hiring efforts for your company. It’s important to build a team of hard-working and motivated people that want to see success in the business. Follow these simple tips for hiring recent college grads and your company will have that ideal team in no time.

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