5 Ways To Master Your Curly Hair


Taking care of your hair is something that, surprisingly, not everyone has mastered even into adulthood. Like any other project, having the right tools for the job is of the utmost importance. If you were trying to regrow your hair, you could try effective home remedies, or you could go straight to a doctor and get a prescription. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with and what will work for you. Like tiger stripes, every human being is different – what works for one won’t work for the other.

While having curly hair is an absolute blessing, it can feel like a curse for learning how to care for it. Shampoo or no shampoo? Blow-dry or air dry? There’s a lot to learn and an even bigger learning curve. Thankfully there are some tried and true tips and tools that work for virtually anyone with curly hair. Let’s look at some of the best tools for curly hair and how to use them.

Start With How You Sleep

One of the difficulties of having beautiful curls is keeping that way – and keeping frizz at bay. One area you can instantly improve the health and appearance of your curls is something you’re going to do every night anyway. Change your sheets! Yes, it’s essential to change your sheets for cleanliness, but if you’re sleeping on cotton or flannel sheets, it’s time to switch up your textiles! Sleeping on satin or silk sheets (specifically your pillowcases) will dramatically reduce frizz and breakage that curly hair is prone to. So, invest in some lux feeling satin or silk and reap your curls’ immediate beauty and benefits.

The Right Comb

When it comes to brushing your curly hair, you should avoid it. The best thing you can do for your curls is invest in a wide tooth comb that works in the shower to detangle your hair but keep your curls intact and looking bouncy and beautiful once your hair dries. Additionally, a good wide tooth comb won’t impact the beauty of your rings when you need to do a quick comb-through on your hair while it’s dry. If you have been using your fingers (a great alternative), save yourself some time and frustration and add a wide-tooth comb into your rotation.

Plopping Power

Have you heard of hair plopping? While the name may leave something to be desired, it’s a technique that you need to familiarize yourself with immediately. The traditional bath towel will absorb way too much moisture from your hair, which your curly hair desperately needs. If you have curly hair, you know the game’s name is hydration. Once you get out of the shower, Plopping means you plop your hair right on top of your head and secure it with a clip. Some people can’t handle that much wet hair on their heads and like to wear an old t-shirt instead of a traditional towel. However you decide to plop, it’s much better than throwing a bath or microfiber towel on your hair after washing.


Speaking of washing your hair, co-washing is something worth looking into. This technique comes from people who do not use shampoo and only “wash” their hair with conditioner. While it does involve some growing pains as your hair acclimates to not getting its weekly or daily dose of shampoo, you are retraining your hair to not being stripped of its essential oils. After a few weeks, you end up with a head full of bouncy, moisturized curls – absolutely worth it.

Diffuse The Situation

If you have tried using diffusers in the past and gotten frustrated, you’re not alone. While using these blow dryers specifically engineered for curly hair takes some getting used to, the work pays off in spades. Diffusers allow you to scrunch your hair into its natural curl shape while blow drying it with a special diffuser attachment. While it takes a while, you don’t have to wait for your hair to air dry and then tame the frizz that comes along with it.

Curly hair is the envy of everyone when it looks right. It is naturally gorgeous when curly hair is healthy, but it is also some of the most beautiful hair. If you’re still struggling with how to care for your curly hair, let those tips mentioned above be your guide to beautiful, enviable tresses.

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