6 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers


For many people, giving the perfect holiday gift takes time and shopping around to find something that screams the recipient to them. If you’re shopping for someone who identifies as a dog mom or dad and treats their pets like four-legged family members, you may be looking for a dog-themed present but need help figuring out where to start. Keep reading for all the inspiration you’ll need to make the dog lovers in your life smile this season and ensure plenty of happy, wagging tails.

Subscription Boxes

We all are well versed in the convenience of subscription boxes these days. Schedules fill up, especially around the holidays, and running to the store for treats and toys for your dog can fall down the list of priorities. Ensure their pet has plenty to play with by enrolling them in a subscription to deliver these items to their home. Various box options can be treats only, toys only, or a mixture of both. Like humans, many dogs have food sensitivities and allergies, so if you’re unsure of their status, opt for a treat-only subscription service.

Winter Weather Gear

Like their human counterparts, dogs are sensitive to heat and cold. You may have even seen people walking their dogs on hot asphalt in the summer with four little sneakers to protect their feet. Prepare their pup for winter weather with stylish options like doggie snow boots, puffer jackets, and even scarves and hats. This is an especially great gift if their dog is a senior, hairless, or a small breed more prone to adverse effects of extreme weather.

Fresh Dog Food

We all know that a nutritious diet is a cornerstone for a healthy and long life, and most pet owners want their dogs to be as well-fed as they are. However, not all pet owners know that a fresh dog food diet is the best food they can give Fido. Thankfully, there are brands on the market that make farm-to-food bowls easy through online ordering.

Not all pet foods are created equal, even when you’re buying online, so do your research, opt for a brand whose ingredients you trust, and feel confident giving as a gift. By covering the bill for their fresh food for a year, you give their pup the gift of good health and ease the financial burden of purchasing their food – a gift that truly keeps giving!

Pet Portrait

People love their pets like family, as they should – like we hang photos and portraits of our human family, pet owners would love a custom pet portrait of their dog. A quick online search can reveal multiple avenues to make the portrait of their dogs turn from dream to reality. You can opt for a more modern twist by a graphic designer or find someone who paints professional pet portraits for a living. This gift takes some planning and order in advance to pull off, but it will quickly become a treasured heirloom for the recipient.

Gift Cards

If you’re the type who leaves gift shopping for the last minute, gift cards are the best last-minute gift. Owning a pet is expensive, from vet bills, grooming visits, toys, and food. Take the load off their shoulders with a gift card. You can get a gift card to a local pet boutique, their veterinary clinic, or even a debit visa card with cash to use how you please. Gift cards are one of the most universally loved gifts and take little time. Whenever you give a gift card as a gift, make sure you include a thoughtful note.

A Puppy

While this gift is only acceptable if you know the person you’re shopping for has actively been looking to welcome a new furry companion into their home, it’s an amazing gift to both give and receive. Who doesn’t love new puppies? Whether you’re a parent or a friend giving the gift of a new family member, it will make this holiday season one the recipient will never forget!

Shopping for the dog lover doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you opt for one of the gifts mentioned above. There’s something on the list for everyone and their pup. Happy Holidays!

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