6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal


There comes the point in most people’s lives: they’re ready to ask someone to spend the rest of their respective lives together. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start a family or you’d rather it just be the two of you traveling the world living a digital nomad lifestyle – marriage is a serious and exciting commitment two people can share. Even the most conservative people have a romantic streak in them, and once they’ve set their mind to engagement, they want to come up with the perfect proposal. There are many factors to consider that go into the proposal, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Your Vibe as a Couple

Not every girl grows up having a fairy tale proposal and wedding – if you know this about your partner, you don’t need to budget for a thousand red roses and candles on a rooftop. Maybe the two of you enjoy the outdoors, and your perfect proposal looks like the climax of a hike with a beautiful mountain view surrounding you. If you’re into partying, you could even propose during a night out with friends when the time is right or “your song” is playing. Take into consideration what the two of you enjoy doing together and what you want to do together for the rest of your lives as you plan your proposal.

Your Budget

Your budget will play a factor when shopping for the perfect ring such as an oval wedding rings for example. If you’re spending a significant amount of money on the ring, you can always propose the old-fashioned way, on bended knee, during a simple stroll through the park or while you’re out to dinner with one another. Money isn’t everything in this life, but especially if you already know you’ll be paying for the wedding and honeymoon on your own, plus the cost of the ring – your proposal scenario can take a back seat financially to those other factors.

Your Partner’s Personality

Is the person you’re planning to propose to particularly shy? They may not want a public proposal around strangers or even family. Even if you are the type to want to make it a grand affair, you’re asking them a question, not the other way around – so plan accordingly. On the flip side, maybe you know your partner wants an elaborate hidden halo ring and would be bummed if her mom or best friend wasn’t there to witness the proposal – in that case, you know what to do. Speaking of parents and best friends – if you’re entirely in the dark about how you want to propose, don’t be scared to enlist the help of loved ones close to your partner to get an idea of what their dream proposal would look like.

Hire Help Where Needed

Suppose you have planned an elaborate proposal that you want to capture on film or video. In that case, it’s a good idea to hire a photographer or videographer to make sure you have records of the momentous occasion. If it’s not in your overall budget to hire someone to do this for you, ask a trusted friend who you know is good with a camera to tag along in hiding and capture the proposal for you. Especially if your significant other is the type who would want to post this on their social media feeds, this is important.

Location, Location, Location

Just like buying a house, location is everything. You may decide on a spot that is sentimental to you two. Maybe you’re planning a vacation and the beaches or beautiful vistas you’ll be heading to are where you want to make the moment happen. If you’re lowkey as a couple, your apartment is just as good of a place as any – but you should have planned in your mind where you’re going to propose and how you’ll do it – this will make you more confident going into the situation.

Ask Permission if Appropriate

You know your partner and their family pretty well (or should if you’re proposing), so if you know their parents would appreciate you asking for their blessing, go ahead and have this conversation ahead of time. It will mean a lot to the family and your partner and bring you closer to their family for doing it. It may be an intimidating conversation to have, but it shows your emotional maturity and commitment in doing so.

Getting engaged and planning the proposal can feel stressful, even when it’s something you want more than anything in the world. Let the above considerations be your starting point for planning what you know your partner will appreciate and never forget. Cheers and congratulations!

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