6 Tips to Mix and Match Your Tanzanite Jewelry Items



Are you someone who has only recently bought a Tanzanite jewelry item and wishes to mix and match it with other jewelry items so that it matches your own sense of style? Then you are not alone; other women are also looking for this exact know-how.

For example, a good pair of dangling earrings and a Tanzanite necklace can automatically elevate your looks. Dangling earrings are a type of earrings that bring special attention to yourself since they dangle in the air by their nature. You can wear it with a solid color dress like black or white or wear it with a beach outfit and a hat.

Here Are Some Other Tips To Keep In Mind:

1. Create A Reference Point: Having a good reference point for all your jewelry styling tips is the key ingredient for a truly remarkable look. For example- sometimes, while mixing and wearing, you indulge so deep inside that you forget your origin point, i.e what is it that you wanted to achieve.

Hence, as you experiment with different looks, try to keep a note of it and create a reference point so that you don’t get lost in it.

2. Learn To Layer A Tanzanite Necklace: By itself, a Tanzanite necklace does not look that good unless you accessorize it or combine it with some other necklaces. This is why you will see that most Tanzanite necklace items have other smaller stones surrounding them like Strontium Titanate and others. Those other stones are there to highlight the beauty of Tanzanite. Also, you can try another thing: the layering of different necklaces. A great tip is to choose three or five with different or adjustable lengths so that it gives a nice contrasting look in terms of variable shapes, colors or even textures.

For example, you can wear a Tanzanite pendant, a Lapis Lazuli necklace, and a Sapphire earring. The overall look will be very contrasting and attractive this way.

3. Tanzanite Rings: You can try wearing Tanzanite rings in a stacked style by varying the choice of material. There are gold, white gold, sterling silver, and other material rings. All of which you can try out on different fingers and then style them. Another latest fun style is to wear an odd number of Tanzanite rings on one hand and an even number of Strontium Titanate rings on the other; this is an emerging trend, especially among younger people.

4. Properly Mixing Tanzanite With Other Jewelry: Many younger women especially do not like to wear only one pair of matched jewelry. But know one thing, which is you don’t need to wear jewelry for every part of your body, rather sometimes the less you wear jewelry, the more beautiful you will look.

For example- some women wear a nose pin, then they also wear a headband and then they also wear pendants and necklaces both. Isn’t it too much? Hence refrain from over mixing and try to keep it chic and cool. It all depends on your sense of style and what type of occasion you’re dressing for.

On the other hand, you can wear a selection of complementary pieces of jewelry with nothing in special type so that you draw just the required amount of attention; you can also try out different jewelry pieces that might be designed as a matched set, or they might all be different but have subtle similarities.

5. Be Wary Of Society: People in the last decade saw wearing matching jewelry pieces as unfashionable. However, with that said, these days, society’s ideology has changed, and people even encourage wearing matching jewelry items.

In particular, wearing a matching set of jewelry can work beautifully for more classy occasions, but it can also work well when dressing for casual or semi-formal occasions.

6. Mind The Occasion: While it feels good to wear differently matched items of jewelry, but most often, Tanzanite necklaces match best with Lapis Lazuli or Sapphire or Ruby earrings. But on the other hand, Diamond tennis bracelets go best with Tanzanite rings. This is because of the unique blue color of a Tanzanite gemstone which goes very best with green, white, red and other sober colors.


Mixing and matching to wear Tanzanite jewelry may be a good idea considering the fact that Tanzanite is such a versatile stone that it can be worn on any occasion. With that said, if you have a suite of all Tanzanite jewelry all in one metal combination (either gold, silver or anything else) that looks great together, then go with it. But at the same time, remember diversification enhances your look if not makes you look gorgeous.

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