Customer’s trust, sales, and profits together will write the story of success for any business. With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing in the new wave of digitization to every aspect of our lives, cyberspace is no more the same. The customer is more aware of its data security needs and looks for a good user experience, smooth services, competitive deals, and much more.

With customers spoilt for choice and such competition out there, it becomes imperative to focus on carefully planned strategies to optimize your website and bring in growth for your business. Follow these simple steps to win the trust of your customers and increase conversions.

  1. SSL Certificate Security

With so much awareness among customers regarding the safety of the crucial data shared by them, you cannot even think of increasing your sales without securing your website.

  • The certificate provides encrypted safe communication between the web browser and the webserver.
  • It authenticates the website and builds trust with the visitor that their crucial information is safe.
  • An SSL Certificate secured platform showcases trust symbols of a padlock and HTTPS written before the URL of the website.
  • Many reputed SSL Certificate providers like Comodo, RapidSSL Wildcard in the industry, offer an array of SSL Certificates to choose from. You can buy one that suits your security needs and budget.
  • Among these are many SSL Certificates that secure your main domain and multiple subdomains created one level below the root domain with a single Certificate. These are known as SSLWildcard Certificates.For example, Rapid SSL Wildcard Certificate gives you a cost-effective solution to all your security needs and ease of managing all your subdomains’ security with just one certificate only.
  • Keep Your Landing Page Simple and Seamless

It would be best if you kept your Landing Page clutter-free, and it should lead the visitor seamlessly through the actions that will help you achieve conversion.

  • Let your value proposition for your products or service be precise and clear on the landing page.
  • It should contain just one or two sentences about the benefits of choosing your product, that is why your offer is superior to your competitor. Also, it should create urgency among readers to take action.
  • Make this page engaging for your customers with quality content. The content should be focused without using very long sentences so that it lets the Call To Action (CTA) elements on the page stand out and give a compelling shout-out to complete the actions that generate your sales goal.
  • Pay Attention to Website Design

Attention to good website design details and a well-structured user interface can go a long way in winning you, customers.

  • Easy navigation to different pages and convenient access to the required information uplifts the visitors’ user interface quotient. Whereas poor navigation leaves the visitors confused, and not being able to access the right information creates a wrong impression of your website, and you miss the opportunity of conversion.
  • Another essential factor that should be part of a good website design is the speed at which your website loads. A fast-loading website will attract customers and provide the information they are looking for and offers a good user experience. The importance of the Landing page has already been discussed.
  • Do not clutter your page with too many product images; it will only slow down your website.
  • Attention must be paid to loading high-resolution product images to give a real feel of the product as is, providing full details of the product sold on the website to your customers. This is important as this helps them decide if the product fits into their requirement and helps in conversion.
  • Customer product review should be given due place with the product details section as it adds much value to your credibility. This section helps customers make their decision on real product use experience and a chance for you to put corrective measures in place if any wrong feedback is given.
  • An easy and fast checkout process is one thing that must be taken care of, as this not only adds on to a good user experience, but it also encourages customers to place multiple orders.
  • Make your website compatible with various gadgets like mobile phones and tablets to not miss out on your share of business happening on mobiles, which now form a significant chunk of online business.
  • Bundled deals and Competitive Discount Offers

One of the critical factors that bring customers to your website is discounts and bundled offers. It would help if you made sure that discounts offered should be aptly timed and are best in the market as customers are quick enough to check the best-offered prices for the products, online.

  • Have Live Chat Customer Support

Shopping online comes with a lot of anxiety for customers as they have a fear in their mind, that if any issues come up with their purchase, they will have to go through the long process of sending a mail and waiting for the response. According to Drift, about 50% of customers prefer to purchase something from a website using a chatbot which uses conversational marketing. Having Live Chat Customer Support on hand instils a lot of trust in the customer that he will be heard immediately for any of his concerns and helps you in sales conversion.

  • Make use of Social Media and Email marketing.

For reaching out to your target audience, social media these days is one of the best mediums. You can optimize your company profile for various social platforms like Facebook and Instagram and use them to create engaging posts related to your industry and give out information regarding your product or service or even deals that your business is offering and create sales conversion.

Using permission-based on Email marketing is an effective and economical way of reaching out to your prospective customers. You can share a new product catalogue or new deals and discounts that you are offering and can create an impact turning it into conversions.

  • Use Testing Tools

While you incorporate all the tricks and techniques discussed to increase your website sales, it is a good idea to test it by studying user behaviour on your web pages to make the right decision for your future business growth.

Testing Tools are available like Heat Maps which can give you a fair idea of, say, where the user stopped scrolling, where most of the users left scrolling down. Many such observations could be of great help in improving your web pages. Similarly, A/B tests could be used to create, say, two versions of a web page like a landing page or website design and compare it against each other to see which one performs better. These tools certainly help you incorporate well analyzed and calculated changes for your website sales and business growth.

In Conclusion

In today’s time when most businesses have resorted to online platforms, the competition is stiff, making it necessary to find ways to inch ahead of competitors. Follow the above tips, and it will undoubtedly make a difference to footfall on your website and eventually help increase the sales.