8 Easy Steps to Write a Brilliant Essay


Essay writing is commonplace in all institutions of higher learning. If writing is not your forte, it’s about time you made it your favorite thing to do. Regardless of the course you are taking; you cannot escape essay writing. Do you need assignment help? You will find out the answer below!

When you write a brilliant essay, it will most definitely boost your overall performance. That is why you should take all your essay assignments seriously.

So how do you go about writing a brilliant essay? Well, you’ll realize that there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. Essay writing is not rocket science and if you keep on being an exceptional student, you won’t have a hard time with delivery as the professor requires.

Make sure you always read the instructions more than ones to ascertain that you understand what the essay requires. Imagine having to do an assignment because you rushed into it and missed the point.

You also need to have enough writing material before you start working on the essay assignment. This means that you should begin early. Otherwise, you’ll rush through the entire task so that you submit on time.

The minute the professor walks out of the lecture hall, go through your assignment’s instruction to see how long you’ll need to complete the task.

Here are eight tips to help you write a brilliant essay.

1. Understand the Instructions

If you don’t understand the instructions, there is no way you will write a brilliant essay. You might write excellently but your essay would not be answering the question the professor asked.

Take your time to make sure you understand the instructions. If you’re having trouble figuring out what the question requires, consider consulting other students. If you’re still not sure you understand anything, you’re allowed to ask the professor who left the assignment. After all, shedding light on what the assignment requires is part of a professor’s job description.

2.  Research

You cannot successfully write a brilliant essay if you do not conduct enough research. If you don’t have data, go to the school’s library and use the secure Wi-Fi network to search the internet for answers.

Research also means going through your notes. Sometimes, everything you need to answer an assignment question sufficiently is in your notes.

3. Discuss with Friends

Before you start writing your essay, make sure you discuss the questions with a few of your friends who share the same unit. This gives you different perspectives to help you write a comprehensive essay.

4. Come up with an Outline

Now that you have everything you need to write, you should come up with an outline to ensure that your points seamlessly flow throughout the essay.

5. Begin with a Rough Copy

Even though you have everything you need, do not jump into writing the essay. Begin with a rough copy which you’ll use to write your final copy.

6. Get Down to it

This is the moment you have been preparing for, so write the essay to the best of your ability. Make sure you begin with the most important points because sometimes professors don’t read the entire essay.

7. Proofread your Work

You have to read your essay out loud and hear how it sounds before you submit it. Correct all spelling and grammatical errors that might be in the essay.

8.Check your Paper for Plagiarism

Last but not list, check your paper for plagiarism. You might have plagiarized other people’s work even without knowing it.


As you can see, writing a brilliant essay is all about following a process. If you follow this process without skipping a step, you will deliver a brilliant paper.

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