A Few Good Places You Must Visit in Chennai


Chennai is a busy yet wonderful place to go to. If you have never been to this city; you must go for it now. No matter where you live, it is always good to explore other cities and the spots that make the place special. Like any other city, Chennai also has its amazing spots that the tourists adore. And if you have already been to this city you already can relate to it. But if you have never gone there, this is a post to get you a good experience.

You can easily go to Radisson blu hotel Chennai city centre and ensure that you have a great experience. Of course, once you have a place to stay for some days, you can patiently and with ease explore the city.

Wonderful Beaches

Chennai is a huge coastal city offering a combination of beaches to pick from. You can conveniently choose Marina beach, which is the world’s second longest beach and the most celebrated one in this city.  You can even go to Elliot’s beach in the place called Besant Nagar, a fashionable sibling of respected Marina beach. There are softer and milder beaches along the shoreline like Thiruvanmiyur beach or Covelong beach. You should drench in the air of these beaches once you are there.

Don’t forget to have a peep of Rippon Building

It is one of the finest and elegant examples of neoclassical chic of architecture integrating a mix of Gothic, Corinthian and even that of Ionic   styles of architecture. This Rippon building is one of the most arresting monuments of Chennai. The building is presently the seat of Chennai Corporation. It was custom-constructed in the year 1933 and was tastefully designed by G.S.T Harris. It is a snowy white construction and stands really near to the Chennai Central Railway Station. You would find an inspiration in this construction. This is an exotic building and it is constructed in rectangular shape along with a forty three meters high tower with a 2.5 meter clock. It is the chief fascination of the construction and it is even known as the Westminster Chiming Clock. The formation is even named under the heritage structure.  You would definitely find this construction a marvel piece. Once you are there, you are surely going to be coloured by its charm.

Visit the Different temples

Kapaleeswarar Temple is the cultural heart of this city of Chennai and you should not miss it.  It is a window to know and experience the South Indian Hindu or Tamil culture. The best time to visit the temple is going to be during a Hindu festival.  There are also manifold other amazing temples such as Parthasarthy temple at Triplicane and even Tiruporur Temple. It is situated just at a distance of twenty minutes from the city.

Go to Christ the King Church

This is one of the most stunning instances of Gothic architecture, snuggled in the blend of the Loyola College Campus. Christ the King Church is a wonderful and inspirational edifice. The structure was bespeaking by a French Clergyman but was constructed by an Indian architect. With its superb ridged vaults, rose windows, energetic stained glass windows, attractive pointed arches, the church is a captivating sight to behold.

Birla Planetarium

In case you are a museum goer then you should not miss out this spot. Located close to Anna University in Chennai, Birla Planetarium is a great part of Periyar Science and Technology Museum.  There are wonderful day today audio-visual programs on astronomy conducted at this place apart from exhibitions that include Solar System, Sky and Seasons, Comets,Cycle of Stars, and Man on the Moon. You will also feel delighted by Traffic Park, amazing Science Park and Science on Wheelsare the climaxes of Science Centre. You would surely get a rich, entertaining, and thoughtful experience. No matter you are a child, a youngster, an elderly person, or anyone; you surely are going to experience amazing time at this spot.

San Thome Church

A significant spiritual spot for the Christian community, the snowy white structure of San Thome rests on the tomb of St Thomas. This structure is a cue of the colonial past of this city.  It has beautiful stained glass windows and even a statue of St Thomas in the sitting posture.  Also , there is even a library, a museum and a shop selling prayer material in the campus of this amazing church. The sight is really composing, calm and beautiful.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Parkis the first ever zoo in India.  It was built in the year 1855. The huge 510-hectare zoo encompasses more than one hundred seventy species of wildlife. Some of the wildlife that can be witnessed at this place is like tiger, hyena, lion, elephants, panther and many more. Talking about elephant rides and lion safaris, these are available across the year. In case you are up for it, you can even enjoy a lengthy, long stretch walk.

T. Nagar

In case you are shopping lover then this is a place for you.  It is Chennai’s main market place and it fascinates plenty of shoppers looking for discounts on everything right from   diverse types of saris to gold. There are manifold events too that take place in this area. You can find musical programs, exciting singing evenings and festivals getting conducted in this area. Performance venues in the adjoining areas such as Krishna Gana Sabha, Bharath Kalachar and Vani Mahal also host diverse types of famous classical musicians during month-long Madras Music Season that gets conducted from December to mid-January every year. All in all, this is a place that is going to get you a wonderful time and pleasant memories to cherish for your life.


So, book your rooms in Radisson blu hotel Chennai citycentre and plan a trip to Chennai. After all, these were only a few of the many places to see and visit in Chennai. Once you are there, you surely are going to enjoy every spot.

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