Auto Upgrades – 5 Aftermarket Parts You Should Consider For Your Turbo Engine


Aftermarket parts are car components that are made by third-party manufacturers. They’re usually brand-new and in mint condition since they’re designed to replace worn-out original car parts.

This makes them a car restorer’s dream because they offer top-quality performance at a fraction of the price of original car parts. If you’re looking to take your car’s performance to the next level, here are five aftermarket parts that’ll get the job done without breaking the bank:

  1.  Nitrous kits

A nitrous kit will get your car from 0 to 50 in seconds no matter what make or model it is. It produces nitrous oxide gas which generates heaps of oxygen when heated to the right temperature. This results in a solid air chare and a powerful burn that gives your car a lot more “get up and go.”

Most nitrous kits come fully equipped with everything you need to increase your car’s horsepower by 50 or 100.  Of course, a blow-off valve is essential to help your car handle an upgrade of this level.

  • Racecar brakes

One of the (many) things that the Lamborghini Avedantor has going for it is its huge carbon-ceramic rotors. They’re made from a combination of high-temperature ceramic and lightweight carbon fiber that allows you to grind to a halt without skipping a beat no matter how fast you were going.

Likewise, a performance brake kit comes with all the hardware you need to upgrade your car’s system, including durable street pads that offer reliable performance. You’ll need rotors and shims too for a full installation.

  • Performance air filters

As the name implies, performance air filters are designed to improve the way your car performs by filtering air more efficiently. They keep your engine cool thus allowing it to generate more power. Remember that your engine heats up as you drive which is why it’s important to maintain a stream of cold air to improve its performance on the road.

Aftermarket performance air filters come with the added benefit of straightening bends and increasing tube diameter. This makes it easier for cold air to rapidly reach your engine and increase horsepower by up to 10.

  • Full exhaust

If you really want to take your car’s horsepower up a notch, consider a full exhaust install.  A new, stainless-steel header will increase tubing diameter and straighten the bends to increase flow. Just keep in mind that long tube headers always work better than short ones at improving performance on the road, especially when driving through bends and corners.

  • Race-worthy suspension

Large bars can instantly transform a normal family sedan into a sports car in no time. The best part about improved suspension is that you can comfortably drive the kids to school without worrying that your car will sound harsh or louder than normal.

A larger diameter bar will also keep your car balanced and solid no matter how fast you’re going when approaching corners, and it’s usually very easy to install, even for beginners.

For an even better grip consider adding quality aftermarket sport springs to lower your vehicle. Don’t forget model-specific flexible control arms to keep your suspension geometry well balanced.

For a car enthusiast, nothing sounds sweeter than a powerful engine rearing to go. Arguably the best way to improve the power output of your engine is to install a turbocharger. It could literally transform your car into a beast overnight, and aftermarket components are a great way to boost your turbo engine.  In fact, many aftermarket parts are usually the same or even better quality than their original counterparts.

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