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The phenomenon of women has become a creative muse and a milestone for the followers of numerous art movements that have brought them to the pinnacle of their world careers. Being a woman is already an art. Each woman has a unique charm and beauty, and in none of them, it is impossible not to find a charming riddle. Fashion legends have their approach to evaluating a real woman, which modern designers actively consider in the process.

Fashion today

Fashion has gone beyond the catwalk these days, and many young people in our daily life are actively sharing their professional interests or just passion. One of the favorite niches of social media blogging in the digital world is fashion, so influencers are constantly trying to increase their popularity and access to real people who will become loyal followers and work more with different companies productively.

Here are some tips from the world’s leading designers on how a real woman should look.

Christian Dior

A real woman should be mischievous and capricious.

For many, this trait is unbearable at first glance in a woman. Still, one of the world’s best designers correctly saw unusual fruits in this woman and admitted that the more capricious and stubborn a woman is, the more desirable and exciting she is. Strive for conquest. These women lift the stone of creativity and push artists to create something original and memorable for the rest of the world. The main inspiration is women designers.

Christian Dior considered shoes the main attribute of a woman’s appearance, and during her tenure, those who thought it a minor detail were mistaken.

Key of Elegancy

According to Dior, a woman’s elegance is determined by the style of the shoe she chooses. Many people today agree with this, and most of the fashionistas in the world know that if you put on good shoes, even in a simple dress, you can look amazing. Christian Dior believed that the most crucial attribute of natural wind is perfume, without which the image of a woman is endless. He focused on the female forms and said that each bite stays in the mouth for two minutes, in the stomach for two hours, and in the thighs for two months. The world’s leading designer believed that a real woman should always be in shape, and this should be reflected both in her clothes and on her figure.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel’s work revolutionized world fashion. The most famous designer of the last century, Gabrielle Chanel, proposed world fashion trends that do not lose their popularity today, and his models occupy an honorable place in the wardrobe of modern women.

Chanel said that age is not the main thing for a woman. He can be exciting at 20, attractive at 40, and unique for the rest of his life.

Coco style

Chanel singled out the touches that made the female style of clothing more sophisticated and accessible for such inimitable women. The technique she created was very close to the male business style, and she began to use it much earlier until the whole world understood and remembered the name, Coco. Chanel created a classic style of black shoes that still remains relevant and fits perfectly into business people’s everyday lives.

Chanel said that her hands are a woman’s calling card, her throat is her passport, and her breasts are her visa.

The Chanel woman

The Chanel woman has become much more accessible than it was thought until the 1920s. Her designs have highlighted the year, and for this reason, it has also become fashionable to wear belts with jackets and dresses. However, neither Chanel nor the free clothing style abandoned wide clothes, which became another new word in the fashion industry, which still does not lose its unique charm. Chanel was a true lover of simplicity and chose minimalist jewelry to decorate a woman.

Chanel said: Before you leave the house, mention the last accessory you made.

Rules of Elegancy

She has always preferred refined and elegant jewelry, which made any outfit even more attractive and sophisticated. In the 21st century, striped clothing is no longer a surprise, although few people know that its appearance in fashion is associated with the name Chanel. Gabriel made this garment trendy, which today is used worldwide n freestyle or sportswear.

Chanel’s tragic personal life left an indelible mark on her, but the fashion queen always said that a woman’s most fashionable accessory is a handsome man. This means that a woman’s charm and charm is enhanced when she shines happily next to her desired partner.

Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace has said a new word in world fashion. He turned fashion into the modern trend as we see it today. Its main characteristic was a relationship built on friendship. He actively adopted pop stars in fashion and turned them into his muse. Jani was only nine years old when she made her first dress, and this piece was adapted 40 years later by everyone’s beloved Princess Diana.

Gianni Versace said: do not let fashion dominate you, do not delve into trends. Be free to decide for yourself how to express your personality through clothing and lifestyle.

Everyone agrees that this is the correct approach and attitude in the fashion world to capture the most incredible sense of personal freedom.

Giorgio Armani

Elegance does not mean attractiveness; it means staying in a person’s memory.

Armani believed that eye contact was often associated with vulgarity, so fashionistas did not need it at all. On the contrary, sophistication and elegance mean that you will have a rude awakening in even the most conspicuous setting.


Prada believed that clothing was a way to present yourself to the rest of the world. Fashion is a natural language, understandable even without translation.

Prada believes that in an environment where contact happens very quickly, a person should make every effort to use their clothes as a powerful tool,this is a way in which they can earn a positive impression and trust without words, and vice versa.

This is why fashion lovers should follow the advice of the world’s most fabulous designers when choosing an influencer in the field; however, personal touch and freedom are some of the main factors for success.

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