Bitcoin Mining: Learn All the Facts You Ever Wanted


Bitcoin is to the world of cryptocurrency what Uber is to taxi transportation or what Brazil is to soccer. Alternatively, it’s the reigning king of digital currencies. But what crosses your mind when someone mentions “Bitcoin?” Some see another abstract online idea, while others see “pure profits.” 

But this post sets the record straight by showing you the facts about one of the best ways of earning from Bitcoin–mining. Mining Bitcoins has been here for some time, and thousands have exploited it to make decent profits. So, here are the facts you should know before deciding to mine Bitcoin as a means of earning from digital currencies. 

What is Crypto Mining?

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, the “king” of digital currency. Then, many questioned its legitimacy and prospects. But now, going through any crypto exchange reveals how Bitcoin has gained value within a decade.  Bitcoin’s mind-boggling success compares to the oldest modern currency, the Sterling Pound. 

Bitcoin runs on the Blockchain technology, a peer to peer transaction network used while transactions are made on different exchanges. This technology keeps all transaction records on a public ledger. This ledger requires a confirmation process that the transaction has occurred and the order has been placed in the market. 

At this point, Bitcoin miners chip in and make money for themselves. Mining Bitcoin is popular and legal in several countries, including Australia. 

Miners serve the crypto world or network by conducting the public ledger’s confirmation process by proving that transactions occurred. Eventually, they receive automatic periodic payments in the form of  Bitcoins as a reward for their service. This payment method is “cheat-proof.” So, you can also earn from Bitcoin mining by securing other people’s transactions.

How Does It Work?

This should be the most sought-after answer as to how to mine Bitcoin. The process works in this simple manner. There is a hash code the cryptographic protocol creates. This code contains all the transaction details of the current order and all of the previous transactions.

This transactional hash code is additional information to the miner, which helps them know the sequence of the blockchain’s orders. The transaction is complete, and the receiving wallet accepts it after the system gives this confirmation.

What Are the Various Ways of Mining Bitcoin?

You can mine Bitcoin in two main ways. They are further discussed below as personal and cloud mining. 

  • Personal mining

Personal mining is the first way to mine Bitcoin. It means mining the digital currency on an individual basis and bearing all the necessary costs. Some of these costs include the hardware costs because very well functioning systems, such as ASIC miner, exist. However, these mining machines are evolving, and costs are reducing, significantly improving efficiency.

  • Cloud mining

This alternative method provides the miners with the mining hardware. Thus, they can earn profits nearly to the same extent as it is a shared platform known as mining farms.

You can open accounts on these platforms and make profits for yourself.

Is It Profitable to Mine Bitcoin?

It is profitable because of the digital currency’s nature. It works on Blockchain technology, and with every new Bitcoin mined the security level increases. Therefore, it secures the market and rewards you appropriately.

It would be best if you remembered that only 21 million Bitcoins are available. As of now, 18.5 million have been mined. Consequently, the competition will increase in the coming years to mine the remaining Bitcoins. So far, Bitcoin lovers’ main question relates to what will happen to mine after mining all the Bitcoins.

So, you should become a part of this game and make money before the supply chain is depleted. As what has been predicted by the systems is that it will be until 2140 when the last Bitcoin is mined.

More efficient hardware, such as ASIC is available in the market. You can take advantage of its improved efficiency to mine more Bitcoins.

Bitcoin provides you with various ways of earning from it. Bitcoin mining is one of these proven avenues. With more Bitcoins being mined and increasing competition, it becomes increasingly tough. So, join the mining bandwagon today when the market is still hot. 

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