Bob Baffert Net Worth


Bob Baffert Net Worth: $30 Million

Bob Baffert Net Worth

Bob Baffert is an American steed proprietor as well as horse trainer that has a net worth of $30 million. Over the course of his profession, Baffert has won numerous awards and also distinctions, consisting of 7 Kentucky Derbies, seven Preakness Risks, three Belmont Risks, and 3 Kentucky Oaks.

Early Life

Robert A. Baffert was born on January 13th of 1953 in Nogales, Arizona. Bob was presented to animals and farm life at an extremely young age, as his household increased cattle and chickens on their ranch. When Baffert was ten years old, his father acquired a few Quarter Steeds. A Quarter Steed is an American breed that excels at sprinting short distances. Bob watched his papa practice racing the horses and eventually fell for horseracing.

As a teenager, Baffert ended up being an amateur jockey and also raced steeds at a casual racetrack on the outskirts of Nogales. As he came to be more skilled, he at some point started competing at more mainstream racetracks. By the age of 17, he had actually won his very first specialist horserace.

After finishing senior high school, Bob attended the University of Arizona and enrolled in the school’s Racecourse Market Program. He at some point finished with a Bachelor’s degree. As soon as he had actually left university, Bob promptly started training Quarter Equines at a ranch in Prescott, Arizona. He was simply two decades old at the time, but he was already establishing an outstanding track record as a competent horse trainer.


By 1979, he had actually educated his first winning steed. The steed was named Fin Star, and also the horse won at Fin Park that year. Bob then relocated to The golden state and also trained Thoroughbreds at Los Alamitos Race Track. This was confirmed to be a wise choice, as his thoroughbred Thirty Slews won in 1992, assisting Bob to lift his very first Dog breeder’s Cup. During these early years, Bob made a track record for spotting possible reasonably cheap horses. A few of his most effective equines during this duration were purchased for just $17,000.

Bob’s occupation advanced substantially in 1996 when he trained a horse that reached 2nd location at the Kentucky Derby. He then won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Risks the following year with Silver Charm, a gray colt. Acting on this success, Bob remained to win numerous races in 1998, ending up being the first trainer in the background to win the Derby as well as the Preakness in back-to-back years. A few of his most successful steeds during this duration were Real Quiet and also Indian Charlie.

Nonetheless, this string of effective success pertained to an end, and Baffert was not able to win another traditional race until 2001. Throughout this year, he won the Preakness and the Belmont Risks with Factor Offered. Another effective year followed with the steed War Emblem, although that proved to be the last of Bob’s successes till 2009. It had not been until 2010 that he won a major race once more with Lookin At Lucky. An additional successful equine included American Pharoah, who won the Three-way Crown in 2014. More success included equines such as Justify, Genuine, and also Medina Spirit.


While pursuing a profession as a jockey, Baffert’s revenues were rather very little. As a matter of fact, it took him 12 years to gain simply $1 million in race prizes. He experienced much higher success as an instructor, as well as in 1992 he earned $1 million in a single race after winning the Breeder’s Cup with Thirty Slews. This was seen as Bob’s first big break, but he would certainly, later on, take place to make millions a lot more in prizes as well as stud charges. Today, steeds educated by Baffert have actually made hundreds of numerous bucks cumulatively.


Bob Baffert’s extraordinary accomplishments on the planet of horseracing have been altered by a variety of top-level disputes for many years. His horses have failed greater than 30 medical tests over the years, as well as Bob doesn’t appear to be addressing this issue in any noteworthy means– especially when you consider that 4 of his equines stopped working in medical examinations in 2020 alone. Baffert additionally has a history of leaving effects for favorable examination results. In 2018, among his equines examined positive for scopolamine, yet the case was dismissed when regulatory authorities were concerned the verdict that the horse’s feed had actually been inadvertently polluted. A comparable story played out in 2020.

Among the most prominent incidents came in 2021, when one of his steeds examined positive for betamethasone. The horse was a Kentucky Derby champion named Medina Spirit, and there was broach Bob offering his reward steed soon after the event. Any kind of amount of betamethasone spotted causes automatic incompetency. Baffert firmly insisted that the steed was never ever offered the medication, and he vowed to eliminate the issue “hammer and tongs.”

Later on, Bob showed up to backtrack. His legal representative provided a public declaration that recommended that the equine might have been given a lotion that contained betamethasone. It appeared as though Baffert could not really fight the accusations laid against him, and his credibility in the horseracing market quickly started to plummet. Also longtime ally Donald Trump spoke negatively concerning the case, and the media was around the tale.

As a result of the Medina Spirit occurrence, Bob Baffert was suspended from horseracing for 2 years by Churchill Downs. He was then outlawed by the New York Racing Association. The circumstance was made worse by a 2nd test that supported the preliminary outcome, verifying that betamethasone was in fact in the horse’s system on race day. Medina Spirit was also burglarized of her win at the Kentucky Derby.

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