Can Gold Maeng Da Kratom Work Better Than Painkillers?


With patients leaning toward an alternative solution for pain relief other than traditional medications, healthcare providers are facing more responsibilities to understand the natural pain-relieving products. Kratom, a supplement sold as an energy booster, mood enhancer, and pain reliever, is taking the market to a different level. The top strain of the Kratom plant, which is difficult to find, is gold maeng da kratom. It is clinically beneficial for pain management and substance use disorders, with no sedative effect. The ultra-potential strain shows beneficial properties and is the most remedial of all Kratom strains. In this article, we will tackle this unique strain of Kratom and its benefits in empowering pain management.

An incredibly potent Kratom strain, Gold Maeng Da Kratom, comes by crossbreeding the white (20%) and the green (80%) strains. Cultivators only take the quality veins, stems, and leaves and then dry them out separately. They undergo a dying process before mixing to form the Gold Kratom strain. A discrepancy in the market grows as some vendors might mix equal parts of white, green, and red before selling it as gold.

Is Gold Maeng Da Kratom Better Than Painkillers?

Chronic pain is a significant problem and can make patients suffer from long-term conditions and terminal illnesses. Some issues lead to chronic pain, including cancer, joint pain, lower back pain, and migraines, to name a few. Aches and pains can be a nuisance in an individual’s life, and often the counter medications aren’t enough to manage the symptoms of these conditions.

If we check our history, using herbal products for pain management is not new. Our ancestors have been doing this for years and beyond. It helps the patients avoid allopathic medicines and provides results without complexities. One such natural remedy is Gold Maeng Da Kratom, a herbal solution that mitigates pain without as much risk. It is popular because of its increased potency compared to other strains. It is analgesic because of the high content of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids. It does not show any euphoric effect, and you can take the dosage without feeling a crash and having to nap or slow down. Hence, you don’t have to choose between the ease of pain symptoms and productivity. Let’s check out how Gold Maeng Da helps in pain-relieving.

Nerve Pain

Gold Maeng Da is psychoactive, and it interacts with the brain’s neurotransmitters and changes dopamine levels. The change in dopamine level leads to altered perceptions of pain, helping the person deal with pain. Serotonin is another hormone that affects neurotransmitters and regulates mood, cognitive functions, and other roles outside the central nervous system. It is one of the most deliberating conditions, and often diabetes and injuries can lead to this excruciating pain.   


Arthritis is inflammatory and is dangerous to the human body as it triggers excruciating pain. It is a condition that affects the joints, resulting in long-term pain. External factors, such as vitamins-insufficient food, sedentary lifestyles, or malnutrition, cause arthritis. With more time, the pain becomes unavoidable. Not to forget, hereditary traits might often influence this. Other strains like green malay kratom have natural analgesic properties that provide relief from pain and are becoming a popular alternative treatment. By using the strain as a treatment option for arthritis, a person can experience minimal inflammation, increased vigor and vitality, reduced pain, and improved flexibility. In addition, it has proved to be a partial agonist as no customer has indicated intoxication while taking the doses.


Migraines are common when you have a demanding career and those who work in stressful environments. It may cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation. The pain can be so excruciating that it interferes with one’s daily activities. Gold Maeng Da can technically be good for migraines as it helps alleviate pain. It has similar pain-relieving properties similar to opiate painkillers. However, yellow kratom is not an opiate and is a much safer alternative. It is not addictive and will not cause the severe withdrawals associated with opioid use.  


Gold Maeng Da provides pain relief and can help eliminate its symptoms. It is a chronic and a more painful condition that manifests in patients struggling with significant infection, surgery, or physical trauma. Studies show that women face these conditions more than men, although it can affect both sexes. In addition, many people with fibromyalgia face a higher level of stress in their life. Kratom may help reduce stress and anxiety, helping them unwind from fibromyalgia during stressful times.


Gold Maeng Da strain is one of the pioneering genetically-modified kratom strains. It is potent and beneficial for pain management. It is better than painkillers which might have other intoxicating side effects. You can use this strain of kratom for headaches too. However, there’s a catch. Gold Maeng Da is rare and hard to come by as a result. It is the responsibility of the customer to choose the best quality gold strain from trusted and experienced vendors only. Hence, users who want to avoid this, customers go for Gold Maeng Da Kratom. The best part is that it does not have a sedating effect.

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