DIY or Google Shopping Agency: Which One Should I Choose?


Every eCommerce company will need to have effective Google Ads to ensure that the right people can search for their products. Selling products online is never an easy job; that is why businesses need to rely on their Google Ads to get better profits in the long run. Google Ads is also another way to increase the overall performance of your ads campaign.

Most of the time, eCommerce companies and businesses would hire Google Shopping agencies to gather more customers to buy their products. But for other companies, they prefer to do it without hiring external help because they can create and manage their Google Shopping ads. If you plan on creating Google Shopping ads, you need to carefully decide whether you can do it yourself or hire Google Shopping agencies.

Allocating Time

Before you get started with your company’s Google Shopping, you need to set up your Google Merchant Center Account. Creating the account is a lengthy process that may take a while if you do not have the complete details. You may need to dig up information about your company to write on the Google Merchant account registration page. You have to know your company inside and outside because you might encounter issues in the long run if you do not provide the correct details. You can usually have your site verified by your Google Analytics account and Google Tag Manager, providing an HTML tag and an HTML File Upload.

Doing the process on your own will give you more control, and you have no one else to blame but yourself since you were the one who did everything. But a time will come when you will be loaded with work to the point that you cannot juggle all the tasks properly. This would be the perfect time to hire a Google Shopping Agency because they can take some time off your hands and efficiently manage your Google Shopping. This means that you can focus on other tasks for your company while the agency will be busy taking care of the Google Shopping ads for you.


One of the many things to consider is the costs that your company has. You need to consider whether you are willing to spend on hiring a third-party agency to help you with your Google Shopping ads campaign. Make sure that you allocate enough budget when hiring a third-party agency to avoid adding increasing costs. Usually, you can find some companies that avoid hiring Google Shopping agencies because they prefer not to waste their budget on something they can do independently.

Hiring a Google Shopping agency can mean paying extra costs even after hiring them. If you plan on hiring them to manage your Google Shopping ads campaigns, make sure to discuss with them everything and find out all of the hidden costs. It can become slightly difficult for small to medium-scale companies to hire a Google Shopping agency without putting a large dent in their company’s expenses. It is always best to learn about Google Shopping if you plan to start an eCommerce business to avoid hiring Google Shopping agencies.

Job Complexity

What is great about hiring Google Shopping agencies is that they know everything about Google Shopping. They have years of experience, allowing them to do several tasks to ensure users appropriately search your products. While improving your product data, they also do other things to improve your ad campaigns efficiently. These include improving product images, providing complete product data, optimizing products, providing customized strategies, constant campaign reports, etc.

You should know that these tasks will take more of your time and energy to fulfill. Expect to be loaded with tasks if you manage your Google Shopping by yourself. If you have years of experience with Google Shopping, you will have no problem managing it independently. But for those who are still new to Google Shopping, it would be best to hire a Google Shopping agency because they can do the job efficiently and correctly.

Final Thoughts

It all comes down to your judgment. If you think that your company is well off without hiring a Google Shopping agency, then you should not bother hiring one in the first place. But if the time comes that you need a bit of push with your Google Shopping ads campaign, you should not think twice about hiring them. Although it may cost you to hire them, it will always be worth the spend because they can provide better results for your Google Shopping ads in the long run.

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